Business Organizations Must Spearhead Net Neutrality Preservation

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The issues that envelop net neutrality has been a worldwide phenomenon affecting not only the consumers but business organizations as well.

On Sept. 30, California Governor Jerry Brown has signed the so-called “gold standard” of net neutrality that stirred not only the Federal Communications Commission, the Trump administration but mostly the wireless, cable, and broadband sector.  Needless to say that the signing of SB 822 into a law is a huge victory for Californians and advocates of net neutrality including most business organizations.

It is no brainer as well that the adversaries of net neutrality are too disappointed with the governor’s decision which called for left and right filing of a lawsuit against California. The FCC has warned states before not to shape and pass their own net neutrality law and thus pre-empt them. But California, including New York and other states, is a tough one to beat.

California’s net neutrality law has been cited as the toughest law ever passed. It restored the principles from the 2015 Open Internet Order that protects consumers from the Internet Service Providers’ blocking and throttling of contents. The law became more rigid when concerns regarding zero-rating have been added.

In regards to zero-rating, it enables consumers to access a few numbers of websites or services devoid of calculating obliging data limits also hoists comparable issues. Clients who cannot afford would settle with free Internet or none at all.

Evidently, the current administration together with the FCC, not to mention ISPs, are not so fond of having an open internet. They want to totally get rid of net neutrality once and for all. Commission Chairman Ajit Pai’s infamous “close the digital divide” won’t work especially for rural areas where subsidies for low-income residents have been slashed or removed.

The Trump administration, on the other hand, once ordered broadcasting news websites to instruct their news anchors to parrot what the president says. Media has been restructured to reinforce all of the incumbent government’s policies.

Small-scale to large-scale business organizations need to lead the bulwarking of net neutrality restoration. Publishers and advertisers are greatly affected since ISPs will be the ones to determine who will and will not reach their advertising and to what extent. Companies should lead the advance for a free and open internet.

Business organizations could push the Congress to forge a law that would prioritize the inhibition of the ISPs’ unlawful practices and provide the Federal Trade Commission and FCC the applicable implementation jurisdiction. It should be noted that the commission abandoned its authority on net neutrality when it decided to nix it in December of last year and replaced it with its new law called the “Restore Internet Freedom.”

Consumers could find the solutions to their problems in the Decenternet platform with regards to net neutrality. There is no blocking or throttling of contents and no practices of paid prioritizations. There is no discrimination and each content is treated equally deterring the establishment of “fast” and “slow lanes.”

Users are provided with unrestricted access to the decentralized and centralized web for them to openly interconnect online. Consumers are highly incentivized just by using the Osiris-browser which is built in the first blockchain operating system, the Anuvys OS.


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