Broadband Providers Unscrupulous Practice Leads to Watchdog Probe

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Some broadband providers can no longer wait for April to come for them to block and throttle the connection of their internet users.

The FCC’s decision to repeal net neutrality takes effect next month. However, some ISPs are too excited to take advantage of it. Fortunately, some watchdogs eye their every move.

Recently, Comcast was reported to have allegedly blocked the encrypted email service, Tutanota. For nearly half a day, customers waited for the service to resume which started on March 1. Some customers who cannot wait longer for it to return decided to use a different internet. To their surprise, Tutanota is working perfectly.

This truly is a sign of blocking the website since Tutanota functions well in other internet connection except for Comcast. Or is there a better explanation for this? It is not the first time that this incident happened. The carrier also blocked

Another similar incident occurred in the UK that involve Three and Vodafone. Ofcom is looking into the matter. The regulator revealed in December 2016 that it was investigating how broadband providers in the UK operate network traffic. At the moment, it is investigating the 2 companies if they are complying with the net neutrality rules.

How can we achieve net neutrality? We can achieve it through dnet. It is a decentralized internet infrastructure that makes use of Anuvys as its blockchain technology. Its cutting-edge browser technology provides users with a speedier, more guarded, and more isolated decentralized internet. Websites that we are already accustomed to can be accessed as well at the same time.

Data on the dnet can be sought and recovered through the Liberty search engine. Net neutrality has a wide space in dnet. Here, users can obtain the freedom of speech and the right to communicate freely online.


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