Blockchain’s Massive Power In Securing Data Privacy

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Securing Data Privacy

The issue of data privacy is like a contagious virus where everyone gets affected.

Not one state or individual is affected by a breach of data privacy. People around the world are already affected and have no idea that their personal data had been sold to third-parties. This is where hacking, and identity theft start, but blockchain technology can hamper them.

The issue that we deal with the public Internet is its framework, and our eagerness for privacy will absolutely not come together. For every prominent hack, it becomes more unmistakable. The Internet runs like a huge copy-and-paste mechanism that copies information from one computer and attaching it to another upon data transfer.

There are instances that we share pertinent information is like address, date of birth, name, and social security number. These confidential data is circulated to third-party companies that need it. This process creates additional concerns where we need to share the information again everytime we fill a new form for a new organization. These companies that produce copies and keep customer data in centralized databases are trouble-free victims for hackers.

This is where the blockchain technology can be helpful. A shared ledger or a public blockchain distinctively operates from the  Internet. There is a handover of ownership of the original data using blockchain technology. Without it, data copies are produced from one computer and again transferred to another.

The public-private structure of blockchain technology definitely characterizes and enhances the confidentiality of the data in a digital format. It develops fraudulent-proof information on a network is trustworthy. Rather than providing the same information over and over again, a person will have a single constant record on the blockchain and then provide momentary consent to access the official file.

Public information which includes government records, local school budgets, and tax records can stay public while the individual private data and companies can be isolated and immune. People can use Decenternet which is the most compelling and absolute hyper-speed P2P distributed Internet infrastructure solution platform that Blockchain technology can develop.

Decenternet or Dnet does not belong or report to any third-party companies. Its state-of-the-art browser technology enables users to experience a much quicker, more protected and more isolated decentralized Internet. Data on the Decenternet can be explored and recovered by the Decenternet Liberty search engine.

In the second quarter of this year, the Cambridge Analytica’s scandalous issue triggered a new investigation on how online companies utilize customer’s personal data. It strived hard to create dozens of ad modifications on various political subjects including economy and gun rights and immigration which are all modified to a plethora of personality figures. Weeks later, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation took effect.

Currently, other countries like South Korea, Argentina, and Brazil are considering a measure to deliver their local rules coherent to GDPR. Their respective business environment is frequently encouraging these endeavors for the following reasons.

  • need to adhere to EU standards to administer European data
  • guaranteeing better security for European customers compared than local customers is not only expensive and incompetent but also cause reputational harm

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