How Blockchain Promotes Win-Win Situation Between Advertisers and Consumers

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The world is now in the era where almost everything is dominated by technology such as robot employees, electric cars, flying cars, and others. Now, the internet is providing more than browsing and gaming. It is now used for different transactions where people all over the world send and receive the most precious coins on the planet – the cryptocurrencies.


Many kinds of cryptocurrencies are already circulating the market, and more are expected to come. These virtual currencies operate with the use of blockchain technology that prevents the intervention of third parties consortia like banks and government.


Each cryptocurrency has their own blockchain technology. Decenternet, an upcoming platform, uses Anubis as its default blockchain technology Operating System. It is absolutely free of charge and allows complete control of the user’s resources to boost user experience as well as mining profitability. The Anubis OS is Linux-based and is geared with instinctive user-friendly User Interface. It is armed with a complete line of powerful Linux apps like Steam and LibreOffice.

Because of the acceptance of bitcoin and its blockchain technology, it becomes a win-win situation for advertisers and consumers alike. Users have the opportunity to achieve free access to amazing platforms. At the same time, they are being offered with product ads they would like to buy.


Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec believes that bitcoins along with the blockchain technology will remain for a long period of time. Cryptocurrencies will be systematized while investors must both enter and exit now. He may not be a cryptocurrency investor but he forecasts that Bitcoin’s value will keep on accelerating, for the time being, even exceeding January high of $20,000.


The blockchain is providing a better approach for users to regain control of their data while maintaining themselves with improved invulnerability and security. It is a desirable change because it’s the users who have valuable commodities and not the tech companies. By breaking up or segmenting user information, the blockchain can synchronously enable someone to be completely existent on a platform and at the same time preserves privacy and authority of data.



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