Bitbank Adds New Cryptocurrency To Their Platform

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Another currency exchange platform added new crypto to their system!

We all know how open Japan is for cryptocurrencies specifically Bitcoin. The proofs are just everywhere. Well, it looks like Japan is now about to add new crypto to be accepted in the entire country. Well, it may be too early to tell but if this works as great as Bitcoin, then it could be something great to look forward in the future.

Japan-based cryptocurrency provider bitbank has today officially added Ether (ETH/BTC) to its virtual currency exchange at Dealings, deposits/withdrawals, and trading APIs have all been activated.

This is the final implementation of the planned introduction of top cryptocurrencies announced back in April, which also included listing Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC) which have already been added to the company’s exchange within the last couple of months.

The company is not done, however, and they plan on introducing more altcoins to the exchange in the future. With the addition of Ether, this makes it possible to list and price ERC20 based tokens against ETH for trading and investing.

As of July 12th, the market capitalization of Ether stands at 2 trillion yen, it has become the second leading digital currency network by growing to around half of the size of Bitcoin. Also, the current price is around 21,500 yen, the current number of issues is 93,216,661 ETH.

One month chart of ETH/JPY, the Ether price has pulled back due to troubles pluaging the Ethereum network.
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