Big Telecom VP Implores Own Employees Oppose Net Neutrality

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Oppose Net Neutrality

It’s the net neutrality repeal that threatens and not the net neutrality bill.

On Thursday, Frontier Communications West Region Senior VP Joe Gamble sent his employees an email. He cites Sen. Scott Wiener’s SB 822 as intimidation to the company and all its employees.

A part of his email wrote as, “We are asking Governor Brown to veto a law that is bad for Frontier’s business, our partners and our employees. I am proud to work at Frontier and help operate a network that is part of an incredibly successful Internet ecosystem that is the backbone of our economy and daily life,” the letter continues, adding that S.B. 822 will “harm consumers and impose complex layers of costly regulation.”

The new California net neutrality bill, co-authored by Assemblyman Miguel Santiago,  serves as the most aggressive pursuit yet by a state to protect consumers from the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality.

His email also directs Frontier employees to a specific website asking to them to let their voices be heard with a signed pre-written letter to Gov. Brown. The appeal accused SB 822 as irrelevant and risky guidelines that will establish new expenditures for consumers. He argues that the law would notably impede the telecom company’s capability to capitalize in its network organization.

The email campaign intended for its employees is a segment of a much bigger last-minute lobbying endeavor by ISPs in California to disrupt the foreboding new law. The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), along with Comcast and AT&T held conventions in Gov. Browns’s office in an effort to persuade not to sign the bill and made it into a law.

Given that Gov. Brown is a Democrat doesn’t mean that he will sign the bill. According to former journalist Ryan Singel, the Californian governor has a sustained history of dissenting legislation that people are confident he will entirely support. These include bills that practice state power as a means to retaliate at the Trump government.

In case the governor would not sign the bill into law, a great commotion among net neutrality advocates from diverse populace will be established for sure. It would no doubt anger the residents of California provided the vast bipartisan majority of Americans that back such regulations. Rejecting the bill would only prove that the interests of the constituents are only secondary to the ambitions of deep-pocketed telecom companies such as AT&T, Comcast, Frontier, and Verizon.

In their last-ditch attempt to cripple the bill, telecom companies sent robocalls to Californian households primarily targeting senior citizens, but Civil Justice Association of California (CJAC) President and CEO John Doherty claims they are not preying on them.

Net neutrality has been the shield of internet users and consumers alike from the unacceptable practices of ISPs that include blocking, throttling, and discrimination of contents. A platform known as the Decenternet prevails the free and open internet.

Decenternet users can enjoy unlimited access to several different websites without the worries that the internet traffic will be blocked, throttled, or even discriminated against. All of the system resources are utilized to enhance user experience who are highly incentivized through the Spyce mining activity which is available to anyone.


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