Big Telecom Allegedly Blazons Propaganda About SB 822

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Big Telecom

California SB 822 is getting even stronger everytime opponents try to bring it down.

After passing another yet hurdle from the Assembly last week, the “gold standard” of net neutrality is getting more aggressive. People and other market sectors, especially the Big Telecom not in favor of the measure are doing everything to mess it up. They are confident that if they succeed, no reins will hinder them from their unlaw practices. Internet users have been familiar with the blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization.

Take for example the data throttling incident of Verizon, which is a Big Telecom – during the Mendocino Complex Fire. It is granted that the Santa Clara County has exceeded their monthly data allowance. However, the said ISP knew that they give exceptions in time of emergency but did nothing.  They claimed that it has nothing to do with net neutrality, does it?

The fire department is considered a big institution, but its data has been throttled compromising significant information and perhaps the lives of the residents and firefighters. What more of common subscribers? Verizon’s data throttling could have helped in the Assembly’s passing of the SB 822.

And now, Big Telecom has been reported for allegedly spreading false information about Sen Scott Wiener’s bill.  Seniors are receiving robocalls from a group financially associated with AT&T.

The robocall says, “Your Assembly member will be voting on a proposal by San Francisco politicians that could increase your cell phone bill by $30 a month and slow down your data,” says a voice on an automated call paid for by legal reform group the Civil Justice Association of California (CJAC). “We can’t afford higher cell phone bills. We can’t afford slower data. We can’t afford Senate Bill 822.”

The scheme of the Big Telecom encourages citizens to communicate with their state representative and demand them to vote “no” on the bill. It seems that it aims to convey the misleading information about SB 822 to the non-profit Congress of California Seniors.

Generally, CJAC campaigns for a legislature that will decrease the volume of filed cases against the businesses in the nation. However, it has lately been conducting funds to assail the net neutrality proposal. The robocalls devised by Big Telecom are not the only movement that broadcast alarming accusations that the cellphone bills will go up. CALInnovates have paid ads posted on Twitter and Facebook by AT&T.

Last week, an alliance of tech and Internet groups composed of Google, Facebook and Amazon Inc. plead a US appeals court to restore net neutrality regulations from 2015 to ensure an open internet. Alternatively, the Computer & Communications Industry Association, Writers Guild of America West, Internet Association, and Entertainment Software Association filed a lawsuit on Monday insisting the retraction of the FCC’s decision to repeal net neutrality on December 2017.

At the same time, 22 states attorney general along with the District of Columbia, requested the same court of appeals to restore the former net neutrality regulations. The advocacy groups which also include Uber Technologies, Microsoft Corp, Twitter Inc,  Netflix Inc, and others brutally condemn the federal agency’s decision and challenged its legal justification.

According to the group’s filed briefs, the FCC’s decision is arbitrary and illogical. They likewise discredited the agency’s altercation that heightened transparency will enable market forces to guarantee consumer gain entry to an open internet.

An open internet is what every Internet users need. With the protection of net neutrality regulations, consumers will be shielded from the illegal procedures Big Telecom such as blocking and throttling aside from establishing fast and slow lanes. This what the Decenternet platform wants to prevent.

At Decenternet, all internet traffic is treated equally which means no discrimination or favoritism. The users’ speech is enabled and protected giving them the liberty to communicate freely on the internet as long as want. They will not encounter any blocking and throttling or even paid prioritization.

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