BEREC, TRAI Watchdogs Join Forces To Bulwark Neutral Internet

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Net neutrality is for everybody, regardless of race and color.

On Thursday, Europe’s Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) and India’s Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) regulators inked a joint manifesto to campaign for a neutral internet. The memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed in Sopat, Poland to demonstrate the commitment of both groups to establish up to date exchanges about the execution and protection of neutral internet guidelines.

The abridged but significant document designates a couple of regulations to ascertain a neutral internet. Some of the guidelines include no discrimination of internet traffic, case-by-case evaluation of zero-rating procedures and more.

BEREC Chair Johannes Gungl said, “Net neutrality is a vital principle, and open internet is crucial for people around the globe. We are happy to have Trai as a partner to ensure the univocal protection of net neutrality principles for internet access services.”

Trai and BEREC pointed out that the internet must keep open and a non-discriminatory platform. The agreement aims to embolden a cooperative rapport between the sectors and reinforce relevant endeavors at acknowledging existent and future administrative provocations.

The said watchdogs from Europe and India have already enforced recommendations to guarantee a neutral internet. However, both regulators want to broaden and collaborate on the exact set of rules. The open internet is always changing, and rules should do the same. The cooperation between the two regulatory boards will interpose to a fusion of a neutral internet.

Last November, Trai recommended the transitions to telco license procedures to prohibit blocking or throttling of contents even if it enabled fast lanes for specialized services. Also for maintaining content transmission networks outside the realm of the neutral internet.

India’s telecom regulatory board recommended that internet services should be governed by a regulation that controls any form of bigotry or impediment in the treating contents. This also includes blocking, corrupting, delaying or providing privileged speeds.

Based on the joint statement, both regulators could carry out further conditions authorized by their own legislative foundations on top of the building blocks.

The proclamation of this joint accord should set an example to the FCC’s decision to unplug a neutral internet. On June 11, net neutrality expired which bestowed cable and broadband providers new authority. This power gave consumers the fear of how things will become different especially the way they access the internet. There is a consequence that the federal agency’s decision might cause a ripple effect.

Autorité de Régulation des Communications Électroniques et des Postes (ARCEP) president Sébastien Soriano once said before that it is time to confer that there is another approach. According to him, the best method is to form an alliance of countries and regulators who communicate the same golden rule.

If no one will help maintain a neutral internet, then who does? The Decenternet network makes sure that its users will get the best out of the internet. It provides them boundless access to the web without blocking, throttling and without discrimination. The platform itself restores neutral internet by empowering and securing free speech.

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