Another US State Starts Supporting Net Neutrality

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Supporting Net Neutrality

Recently, Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee just signed up a law that will assure net neutrality preservation. Another US state decided to start supporting net neutrality.

Oregon has followed suit to pass a net neutrality bill by aggressive bipartisan margins.

The state’s House Bill 4155 was filed in reaction to the FCC’s net neutrality repeal and is just waiting for Gov. Kate Brown’s signature.

Gov. Inslee said that when DC declines to act, Washington needs to do something. He signed the bipartisan resolution on Monday that prohibits ISPs from obstructing content or interrupting with online traffic.

The new law likewise demands ISPs to release information regarding their management operations, performance and commercial agreements. Any defiances will be prosecutable according to the state’s Consumer Protection Act.

Despite the fact that many states presented comparable actions this year to preserve net neutrality, only Oregon and Washington have legislated a bill. However, Oregon’s law would not put any new stipulations on internet providers. It would hinder state agencies from procuring internet service from any company that blocks or give precedence to certain contents or applications beginning 2019.

HB 4155 will rule out government agencies and offices that will get the service of broadband ISPs that do not bear with the protocols of net neutrality. However, this could be challenging because of the following reasons.

First, Oregon is a small market and there is a possibility that ISPs would not care. Second, the state government might be in an awkward situation without having an Internet service if the ISPs choose to become disrespectful to them.

Oregon’s best chance could be collaborating with other states that advocate net neutrality. It should begin with its West Coast borders to achieve more authority.

The internet is not an only means of connecting people. It allows entrepreneurs in Oregon to procure and sell goods as well as services worldwide. Locals depend mainly on the internet not only for public-safety campaigns. The internet also provides them a link to the nearest town regarding any pertinent information, products, or services they require.

It is indeed that internet seems to influence every attribute of our lives but do we really know who is controlling it? We have to maintain net neutrality which is the internet’s guiding principle. It protects our right to freely get in touch with others and access websites online.

Net neutrality means an internet that enables and safeguards free speech. We can preserve net neutrality without the violence, fear, or even diversification. Technology is the key and we can regain our freedom.


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