Another Republican Considers Net Neutrality Preservation

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Net Neutrality Preservation

The countdown begins as Republicans one by one expresses their support to fend for net neutrality.

So, it goes. Another Republican representative joins the effort to revive the open internet that the FCC used to gut. A Utah Representative is joining the net neutrality advocate party.

Rep. John Curtis (UT) was like King Arthur of the Roundtable when he hosted a closed meeting yesterday. He invited Utah tech leaders to participate and discuss the future of net neutrality in their region. Curtis’ district includes Orem and Provo which is a region where tech startups flourish. It is his hope as well to become net neutrality’s frontrunner in Washington.

The meeting was held the Adobe building in Lehi, Utah but was closed to the media. Local executive leaders from huge companies such as Adobe, Facebook, CenturyLink, and other tech firms joined the meeting. Curtis believed that by integrating divergent standpoints, he could better enlighten himself on the issue.

Rep. Curtis said, “Congress needs to buck up and do our job right because letting this be decided by an executive branch means that every time you change an approach from the executive, the rules are going to go back and forth. It doesn’t suit anybody here because they want predictability.”

The issue of net neutrality started in 2017 when the FCC led by Republicans, decided to dismantle the rules of 2015. The old regulation prohibited ISPs such as AT&T and Comcast from discriminating web contents, speeding it up or slowing it down. Broadband providers rejoiced when the FCC’s repeal of the old net neutrality repeal took effect in June.

Democratic senators and representatives are in full force to push for a CRA vote. Some of the Republicans joined the maneuver, and Rep. Curtis is in favor of it.

Those who attended his call for a meeting are in unison there was a lot more to be done. However, they differentiate on what particular arrangements must transpire. According to Lehi-based Mainframe CEO and founder Mick Hagen, they all consort for a more open and more equal internet.

He further explained that if people who are connected to the web on a decentralized platform would remove the ISP middleman. This is identical to the process by which bitcoin does that removes any financial institution like banks as mediators when people are exchanging cryptocurrencies.

Decenternet is more than a decentralized platform because it strictly observes net neutrality. No discrimination, blocking, or throttling of internet traffic is allowed. It secures and protects the user’s data with its excellent operating system.

Meanwhile, the Utah representative noted that he keeps a close watch on fellow Republican Rep. Mike Coffman’s HR 6393. The bill attempts to make changes to the Communications Act of 1934 to sustain internet openness provisions for broadband web access service providers as well as other goals.

Rep. Curtis pointed out that the Utah economic growth could be credited to its developing tech industry. He wants to do everything in his power to safeguard and support innovation and the commercial energy in the state.

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