Alaskan Representative Withdraws Support For Net Neutrality

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Net Neutrality

Alaskans are losing their cool because of their representative who doesn’t know how to keep his word. 

Net neutrality is vital, and there is no questioning about it. Trump’s FCC rolled back the only thing that provides freedom to the Internet users. And since the state can’t do or won’t do anything to restore it, several countries in the state created and passed their own legislation to protect their citizens from the illicit practices of ISPs.

In most American states, a majority of people, officials, and businesses are in unison to preserve the open internet order forged in 2015. They know that without the regulations, ISPs will take advantage of the consumers. The FCC’s new rules known as the Restore Internet Freedom only provides freedom to cable and broadband providers to block, throttle, or impose additional fees to avail a faster connection.

In Alaska, the citizens are confident that the country will still have the net neutrality regulations running. But that was before until Republican Rep. Don Young (AL) changed his mind and withdrew his support. He announced that he would not sign a discharge petition to retain net neutrality principles. His decline made his constituents deeply frustrated prompting them to hold a rally outside his office in Alaska. owner Jennie Stewart coordinated the demonstration after almost a month after having a meeting with Rep. Young. She claimed that he gave her a “rhetorical pledge” that he will enshrine the endeavors to deliver net neutrality. But things did not come as it is supposed to be. He got a change of mind and would no longer sign the discharge petition. It is the primary procedure which is necessary before the House can declare a Congressional Review Act or CRA attempt that would nullify FCC’s decision to dismantle net neutrality rules.

“Congressman Young has decided that signing the discharge petition is not the best option. Congressman Young sees discharge petitions as a parliamentary option that should only rarely be used because they bypass regular order in committee,” the spokesperson stated.

Moreover, Young’s office disclosed that the solution to net neutrality issues should be based on the special needs of the country, especially in the remote and rural societies. They pointed out that it should be “an act of Congress.”

Business owners like Julie Olsen of OfficeTech are upset with Rep. Young’s decision who could have taken the opportunity to show leadership and be one of the other Republicans such as Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who decided to champion net neutrality.  CannTest owner, Jonathan Rupp said that the congressman’s comments were deplorable. Crucible Designs owner JoMarie Thomson felt bad when she heard about the bad news saying that the whole business is on the internet, and without it, there will be incidents that ISPs will slow down or expedite particular internet traffic.

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