Advocates Reveal Net Neutrality’s Impact On Midterm Election

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Net Neutrality

This November, voters will decide who will stay and who will leave. 

Three months from now the midterm election will take place and candidates will surely scramble to do anything to secure their positions. Net neutrality has been a long political debate between Democrats and Republicans. The good news is that oppositions are getting enlightened that net neutrality is crucially important or they need to change their mind if they love their seat. It could be either one way or the other or both.

Reports from previous months have shown that some Republicans changed their minds towards net neutrality and decided to support it. Proponents gave a warning that any incumbent officials will be named and shamed like what happened to Assemblyman Miguel Santiago. After the incident, the Californian official co-authored Democrat Sen. Scott Wiener’s net neutrality bill that he ransacked before. Others signed the petition for a Congressional Review Act (CRA) as a means to restore net neutrality.

Right now, advocacy groups which consist Demand Progress, Free Press Action Fund, Fight for the Future, CREDO Action, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) are dispatching a questionnaire to the House of Representatives officials and their adversaries and beseeching justification on Congress’ struggles to overrule the FCC’s decision in December last year to repeal net neutrality.

The questionnaire that has been distributed to the lawmakers asks them if they will devote to signing the discharge petition.

The Congress is looking at the CRA that will enable legislators to reverse federal agency decisions in a specific time frame. The Senate has endorsed its CRA early this summers while the House is presently attempting to solicit sufficient support to authorize its own version. At the moment, advocates have gathered 177 votes and still need 41 more.

“Net neutrality has massive support among the public, regardless of political affiliation, and it will be a major consideration for voters in this year’s midterms. Incumbents who decline to sign the discharge will be actively siding with extremely unpopular telecom giants like Comcast and AT&T over their constituents and small businesses—a particularly dangerous political move for members facing competitive races,” Demand Progress Executive Director David Segal mentioned in a statement.

On Thursday (August 16), net neutrality advocates organized a couple of what they call “action days” for small businesses counting on House members to save net neutrality rules on Internet Service Providers (ISPs). It is the same day that FCC chairman Ajit Pai will appear before the Senate Commerce Committee regarding the cyber attack issues.

Pai emphasized that the internet will stay free open and to rescind the rules was the right thing to do. According to him, it is what the market demanded to finance in the kind of faster and more inexpensive broadband that could help seal the digital divide.

Different people and advocacy groups opposed that principle. Just like them, the Decenternet platform does not believe that the FCC’s new regulation will close the digital divide. The Internet is no longer open and free because it has been repealed already.

Decenternet empowers and protects free speech. It does not discriminate, block, or throttle contents that ISPs usually do in favor of their own contents or to force users to pay higher charges for a faster connection.


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