16 ISP-Funded Democrats Turn Backs on Net Neutrality

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It would be a big shame if these Democrats funded by Internet Service Providers will just ignore net neutrality just like that.

The session in Congress to restore net neutrality ends on Friday, December 21. However, there are still Democrats from the House who did not provide their signatures yet. Net neutrality advocates are driving them to support the regulation that the current FCC dismantled a year ago.

To be specific, Rep. Brad Schneider (IL) is one of the 16 House Democrats that is against a neutral internet. He did not sign the petition that would push a vote for Congressional Review Act (CRA) to restore net neutrality.

Fight for the Future crusader Laila Abdelaziz believes that a shakier net neutrality bill will be proposed when the succeeding Congress is positioned in January 2019. She is concerned that may tackle the issue but won’t go beyond that.

“So, in these last few days right now, we are organizing to get as many members of the House on the record for the strong net-neutrality protections so they can’t back down in the next Congress. The fact that the public and advocates are following along and paying attention is preventing internet service providers from rolling out the really anti-consumer practices,” Abdelaziz said.

She added that Schneider has pocketed around $66,000 for the past years donated by ISPs. The representative’s office did not acknowledge the various inquiries regarding the matter. She noted that extreme support for net neutrality has deterred ISPs from cashing in on the repeal.

The House requires 38 more signatures to pass the CRA resolution to overturn the current FCC administration from repealing net neutrality. Every Democrat’s signature is needed including those of 22 Republicans before the Friday deadline.

Some of the Democrat representatives who did not sign the petition yet include Brandon Boyle (PA), Jim Costa (CA), Vicente Gonzalez (TX), Pete Visclosky (IN), and Josh Gottheimer (NJ) to name a few. The complete list of the House members who did not sign yet could be found here including the amount they received from ISPs.

On December 14, Friday, was the same date of last year that FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and his agency decided to abolish net neutrality. To commemorate this, Fight for the Future run a digital billboard throughout the US Capitol building for about 8 hours to embarrass and compel ISPs-funded legislators to sign the CRA before the eleventh-hour.

The community-driven billboard exhibited the every House representatives’ names including how much campaign money they received from telecom companies. This activity materializes following Fight for the Future’s launch of a website aiming at Democrats devoiding net neutrality of their support.

It may be that net neutrality has been repealed but consumers still have a choice with Decenternet. It generates net neutrality and protects the consumers’ privacy. It also eliminates the manipulation of fraudulent intermediaries without the need to ask for permission from any pivotal organization.

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