US City Leaders Drive Efforts for Neutral Internet

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Business in San Antonio means to walk and talk the net neutrality language.

In San Antonio, Texas any entrepreneur who plans to operate a business should start walking and talking the utterance of net neutrality. This is according to the District 8 councilman, Manny Pelaez.  Different US city leaders make several efforts to have a neutral internet.

Together with Mayor Ron Nirenberg, they appeal to city staff to bring forth suggestions. These pertain to the approach on how to counter blocking or restriction of some contents. Throttling is another ISPs practice that also concerns officials. A neutral internet should stay to counteract all these malpractices that burden consumers.

Pelaez stated that he is looking for a place where competitiveness, clarity, and openness integrate. He added that the city is a large information customer and requested the subject to be brought up as soon as possible. The councilman is hoping that it will be set up before the Governance Committee. The council recommends, analyzes, and introduces new guideline programs to staff or other council groups for accomplishment.

The commitment that Pelaez filed on Tuesday requests cities to back the preservation of open internet. This is by procuring services from ISPs which include AT&T, Grande, Google Fiber (locally), and Spectrum which adhere to a neutral internet.

A neutral internet is too important to ignore. It is an internet that capacitates and defends free speech. It also maintains our rights to have an unconditional online communication. These can be achieved in the dnet platform.

The dnet is developed to protect the individual’s personal security. The system is stable with no frequency of crashing, lagging, or rebooting. The users get paid to use it Spyce mining activity, where Spyce is its lucrative currency.

Lastly, it does not employ blocking, throttling, or engage in paid prioritization.

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