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Who are the most prominent cryptocurrency investors today?

Based on the latest poll, several South Korean youth, especially in their 2o’s, are the most bustling venture capitalists in terms of cryptocurrency.

South Korea has become the fourth-largest economy among the Asian countries. In spite of imminent government regulations, it is well-known for trading virtual currencies.

In fact, more than 2 million local residents state to possess celebrated cryptocurrency including bitcoin cash, bitcoin core, ethereum, and ripple. The Korean Financial Investors Protection Foundation conducted the survey in December and asked 2,530 South Koreans with ages ranging from 25 to 64.

According to the data, nearly 22.7% of the participants are aged 20’s and are engaged in the cryptocurrency environment. The study also conveyed that more than 70% of South Koreans perceive cryptocurrencies as a means of investment.  Thirty-four percent of the respondents utilize cryptocurrencies as payment service.

A South Korean platform, the dnet, introduces Spyce as its appreciating currency. It can be exchanged with other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash.  It can be used to buy apps, hosting services, goods, and can even handle micropayments.

All financial activities are organized in Spyce which can be acquired through domestic mining. It is the element of all trade and commerce in the dnet platform.

While South Korean youths are very engrossed in cryptocurrency investing, Oregon Middle Schoolers are fighting for net neutrality. Three 7th graders namely Athena,  Lola, and Luca are advocating to preserve it.

The girls study at Mt. Tabor Middle School in Portland, Oregon. They found out about net neutrality via the Instagram post. On Feb. 13, the three of them attended Oregon’s House Committee on Rules to witness and support net neutrality. They stated their affidavits inclined to House Bill 4155.

The bill is about the illegality of public bodies to deal with internet service providers that employ paid prioritization, blocking, throttling of contents and apps. The House and the Senate passed the bill this month and is just waiting for Gov. Kate Brown to sign.

Do you agree on the result of the survey? Who do you think are the most prominent cryptocurrency investors today? Comment your thoughts below.




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