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Should municipalities build their own broadband networks?

Maybe there is no stopping the date of the net neutrality rollback. But, the American Civil Liberties Union is not giving up. It suggests that municipalities need to provide own local broadband networks service to their localities.

The leading rights group stressed that broadband should be looked upon as a public service. In addition, the immediate modification of the Republican lawmakers and FCC of the Open Internet order of 2015 is not just a bad omen to both internet competition and online speech. It could also hamper the way businesses, as well as consumers, communicate over the internet.

According to ACLU author and analyst Jay Stanley, internet service is a necessity just like water and electricity. Local government should regard it that way. He added that net neutrality, as well as privacy protections, are crucial for the open internet that revolutionized the nation.

Based on the report authored by Stanley, the internet should not be left monopolized by private companies. Besides, it should be the responsibility of local authorities. The concept of municipalities building their own local broadband networks is legal. Giving municipalities the authority to operate their own local broadband networks could alleviate the control of private companies.

Running own broadband networks would be a great idea to preserve net neutrality. Another way is to use a platform that makes use of a decentralized web. It would facilitate an open internet that empowers free speech.

The dnet platform uses no system means to see and hear about your activities. The system is developed for the user’s protection and personal security. The speed won’t slow down through years of usage due to no need of defragmentation.

Internet users around the world greatly depend on an open internet, and the dnet platform can provide that. It can help to achieve net neutrality to regain freedom. Dnet enables users to freely communicate online.

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