Blockchain Revitalizes This Online Sports Lottery

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Are you a fan of lottery and sports? Have you tried joining bets on who would win on a certain sports match? Well, this sports lottery (as it is famously called) is becoming a fad in the gaming world.

If you have been interested in joining these sports lottery games, but a little hesitant because of the possibilities the game being rigged. Well, worry no more!

A sports lottery platform or company will be revitalizing the sports lottery making it a haven for all game betters.

Ethersport aims to make sports lottery be more interesting through this blockchain innovation.

PR: Ethersport a Blockchain-Based Online Sports Lottery Platform to Launch ICO Campaign

EtherSport, an online platform for sports lottery, has announced its ICO campaign to launch on November, 13th. The company is raising funds through the ESC token sale, in order to create an innovative and transparent betting on sports events by implementing Ethereum smart contracts.

The main idea of EtherSport project is that this lottery, contrary to many similar services, is not based on guessing the random numbers, but involves exact determination of the sports events results, which cannot be influenced by anyone. This implies that the players have analytical skills. Such lottery type allows players not only to guess the game results by using their knowledge, but also get an additional satisfaction from the view of the sports events and support of their favourite teams.

EtherSport is about to provide two main playgrounds — “Lottery 11”, an innovative online sports lottery platform, and an analogue of a peer-2-peer betting exchange with one-on-one and one-against-all bets.

“We decided to make a perfect match between traditional online sports betting and cutting-edge technologies, namely, blockchain and smart contracts, to guarantee the fairness and full transparency of the process,“ says Alex Tsymbal, CEO and Co-Founder of EtherSport. “The platform provides equality for each participant in the system, and smart contracts guarantee the fulfillment of all conditions and payouts.”

Within the ICO campaign, EtherSport will issue an Ethereum-based token — Ethersportcoin (ESC). These tokens can be used to buy the lottery tickets, as an investment to get dividends (15% of the money raised from each lottery), or as a speculative commodity to trade on the exchange. In general, 100,000,000 ESC tokens will be created, and 70% of them will be distributed within Pre-ICO (November, 13th, to November 19th) and ICO (November, 20th, to December, 20th). The more detailed description of the EtherSport project, clear roadmap, profit distribution, and ICO stages are presented in the white paper, which is publicly available on the website.

Last but not least, EtherSport team has years of experience in the lottery and bookmaker industries. The project’s developers were one of the pioneers in terms of working with the blockchain and smart contracts.

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