Freewallet Review 

 July 20, 2021

By  Brian Forester

Freewallet is an opportunity to exchange cryptocurrencies for those who want to make quick fee-free transactions between wallets staying in any location of the world. Freewallet Family is a service that allows traders to trade instantly through the blockchain. There are plenty of goals you can use Freewallet for, including investments into projects and other financial operations because this system makes any process with coins easier. If you want to start to use Free Wallet, this review will be helpful for you. We will discuss the basic features of Free Wallet and its reliability.

Freewallet overview

Freewallet is one of the platforms in the crypto world created for the facilitation of all processes connected to cryptocurrencies. You can create your bitcoin address and connect it to the crypto wallet with this service in a few minutes and use it with an Android or iOS app, browser, or other devices. You can apply several functions to your cryptocurrencies with Freewallet, such as multi-signature confirmation or cold storage, and the list of available Freewallet products continues to expand since 2016.

Free Wallet provides the possibility for traders to work with many crypto coins, for example:

  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Zcash
  • FantomCoin
  • Ardor
  • Monero
  • Tether and other cryptocurrencies

Full list of available coins for built-in exchange you can find on the official page of Freewallet.

As regards the methods of deposit, you can add funds to your address by credit/debit cards or pre-paid ones.

Performance of Freewallet

Freewallet is a multi-currency wallet, and it means that you can create more than 10 wallets for different types of crypto coins on one platform. This service makes it easier for users to manage all the currencies in one place without shifting between platforms.

As regards the performance of Freewallet, professional teams of developers and customer supporters improve the quality of this crypto wallet constantly. According to reviews and statistics, there is a low probability that traders will face any technical problem while using the Freewallet system. Even if it happens, the support team will react to the claim of the customer immediately and fix it as soon as possible.

By the way, Free Wallet has a positive and solid reputation in the industry of crypto trading because there were no cases when traders lost their tokens during the last year. Moreover, the audience of Freewallet grows every year what illustrates the high-quality of provided features.

One of the official representatives of Freewallet declared that the only reason for defects in the performance of the system was the overloading of Blockchain by a huge number of transactions. For instance, it happened with the Ethereum blockchain in June when a lot of traders made operations with crypto at the same time. Freewallet team was trying to solve issues and control the correctness of all transactions by themselves to avoid confusion and speed up the process of operations.

Services on Freewallet

Freewallet made the interface easy to use for customers who have never tried to create crypto wallets as well as for experienced traders. You can set the parameters of trading and control them by yourself and make any available operations with your cryptos without any effort. Besides, the Freewallet app is one of the leaders on Google Play because it attracts more and more people every year.

Freewallet company is trying to keep up with the times and explore all the new technologies introduced into the sphere of cryptocurrencies. That is why you can get access to new features after updates of the system. One of the examples of innovation on this platform is the introduction of new crypto to the system — Bitcoin Cash. The addition of new crypto to this cryptocurrency portfolio allows users to manage their trading with Bitcoin Cash by themselves in a flexible way and earn money from the trading safely.

Another thing that allows Freewallet to develop its system in cooperation with developers of bitcoin and blockchain. Team of Freewallet add all innovations from the market of cryptocurrencies to attract more clients and make the service applicable for various operations. For example, the release of Bitcoin Hardforks made it possible to connect Freewallet to all other crypto platforms and trade with Bitcoin Cash.

Alvin Hugg, a member of the Freewallet team, explained that the main purpose of Free Wallet is to provide enough freedom for customers in the sphere of cryptocurrencies. They want to include all the new technologies and functions that can be interesting for traders to support the development of this market and allow people to manipulate their funds in any way they want.

If you want to get more detailed info from a source, you can visit the official website of Freewallet and find answers to all the questions about this crypto wallet, check updates and news from the crypto world.

Start working with Freewallet

When you decide that Freewallet is a suitable option for you, you should complete a registration process on the platform or sign in to it. You can use either the app or the official website for registration.

One of the benefits of Freewallet is that you will not waste your time waiting for a transaction in blockchain because Freewallet has synchronization with the network. It means that all your transactions from this wallet will be performed instantly without any delays.

Another crucial advantage of the Freewallet is its protection from external attacks. You can forget about learning mnemonic phrases as the platform itself is secure to store tokens and make transactions without an additional layer of protection.

Do not worry about your funds because they are saved in the storage of a platform, and developers of the Freewallet platform efficiently protect it from fraud.

As users’ data is concerned, this system does not store info and private keys and does not use it in personal interests. They provide secure wallets and all the functions for trading. By the way, you can use the Freewallet platform from any device you want, be it Android or iPhone.

The app will ask you to enter security codes from SMS or code from another version of the platform to make sure that your wallet is protected. Also, you will need to fill in your private keys to access your account if you have multi-signature security in your wallet.

All in all, the smart interface and all the procedures on Freewallet are user-oriented, so you will not face any issues while working with it. Moreover, analytics and security systems allow customers to be confident in the reliability of service and focus on trading.

Safety of Freewallet

The increasing popularity of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies attracts the attention of hackers from all over the world. That is why nowadays, every user should check the privacy of the wallet before depositing money to it.

The safety of your data and private keys will directly influence the security of your funds, and that is why the platform should guarantee full protection of any info connected to your wallet. Freewallet developers declare that there is no reason to worry about the protection system of the data because they use only the most developed mechanisms.

However, there is another source of hacker attacks except for the platform itself — the privacy of your devices. The core problem is that you can choose not the best location for the storage of private keys from your wallet. Private keys allow everyone to obtain access to funds, and that is why you should care about the protection of private keys, be it a paper wallet or web app. Check your smartphone and laptop for Malware in advance to avoid loss of all tokens.

Freewallet Family offers traders secure storage for multiple private keys with several levels of protection. It means that your funds will be secured not worth than in a bank. The wallet applies the most modern technologies of privacy supply that are used in the financial industry. That is why a lot of users trust their funds to Freewallet and use their service nowadays.


Freewallet will be a useful platform if you are searching for a well-developed and smart interface and high protection system for your crypto. The team of this company did their best to simplify crypto specifics and make work with cryptos accessible for all traders. They offer not only basic settings for wallets but also advanced ones such as multi-signature confirmation to manage digital currencies more efficiently. The fees for transactions with Free Wallet are low, and they offer free transfers between wallets registered with this system. One of their advantages is that this system supports bitcoin and the team added support of more than 100 cryptocurrencies for the last 4 years. It means that it is a developing service for transactions that offer a lot of features and provides protection for both users’ data and money. They do not do backup of the personal information and do not store it in the system to makes you even more secure from attacks.


Is the Freewallet app legit?

There are two opinions about this crypto wallet on special websites with reviews. One of them is that a Free wallet is a scam because your money is not located on your wallet but the address of the creators of this platform in the blockchain. Other Freewallet users confirm that they have been using it for more than a year and they have not met any issues. If you are going to create an account in this system and use dedicated wallets, make sure that you know all the conditions of this platform.

Can I buy Dogecoin on Freewallet?

Freewallet is a multi-currency wallet app, and it supports free transfers of several coins, including Dogecoin. Firstly, you should create one wallet for dogecoin on this platform, and after this, you will be able to add more coins to it from any resources and make transactions to other addresses.

How do I cash out my Freewallet?

There are five approaches to withdrawal coins from Freewallet: ATM, P2P, exchange, crypto card, personal sale. The problem is that not all ATMs accept crypto wallets for getting cash, and you will pay a minimum fee for withdrawal with ATM. Virtual cards or real ones are one of the most convenient ways to use coins in real life and purchase with them offline. Other approaches have a lower level of security that is why you should be careful with them.

Is Free Wallet Safe?

Free Wallet is popular because of its high level of protection of users’ data and funds. You can manage digital currencies and make fast or cheap transfers from the web interface, iOS, or Android app, but the security of your funds will depend on the level of protection of your device. Data of Freewallet users are not accessible for external hackers because the platform does not store backup and does not store any personal info about clients.

Brian Forester

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