More Countries Are Starting To Support This Crypto

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The Digital Currency maintains its popularity. The different opinions about Cryptocurrency is a substantial proof of our ever-changing financial behavior.

Controversies that surround the use of the different digital currencies is still the number one topic on the internet. We get to see different perspectives and even online debates from investors and cynics.

We now witness more and more countries supporting Cryptocurrencies. Despite the Digital Currency’s push and pull effect, it is still good to see the unwavering support of big Nations.

If this positive trend continues, I am sure that the global presence of Cryptocurrencies will be a ligament that would hold nations together.

Asia to invest more

There are two Asian countries that get more and more interest in the cryptocurrencies. The citizens of Japan and South Korea are found to be investing more in the digital currencies. People from these two major Asian countries truly embrace bitcoins! Many merchants use it for their business, too.

Why is that so?

According to Reuters, China’s crack had a big impact on this situation. Despite that, there are other factors that contribute to the growing interest in bitcoins. The Japanese government has officially recognized digital currencies as means of payment. Right next to the real money, bitcoins are now official means of payment in Japan. According to CoinMarketCap, Japan and South Korea are home to several high traffic cryptocurrency exchanges.

Another factor that made a huge impact on the digital currency market in these two countries, is the fact that there are no rules for investor protection, what, unfortunately, attracts a lot of scammers too. The good thing is that South Korea planned major improvements in 2017, and will put a lot of effort into the safety of transactions in the bitcoin world.

What is also interesting is the fact, that the citizens of India are also keen on investing in bitcoins. Due to the high volume of digital currency investments in the past years, a lot of scammers have shown up in this market, too. As there are no strict and clear regulations for cryptocurrencies in India, we can see a number of pyramid schemes in the country.

Who’s next?

In 2018 we could notice a big rise in bitcoin investments all around the world. The leading countries, according to Coindesk, where for instance almost all North America, India, Panama, Argentina, Mexico.

As the infographic below shows, the countries with the biggest number of ATMs for bitcoin withdrawal are The United States and Canada and right after are the United Kingdom, Spain, and Finland.

numbber of bitcoins atm

As we can notice, the bitcoin mania spreads all over the world, from America to Asia, Africa, and Europe.

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