Exodus Review 

 July 18, 2021

By  Brian Forester

Exodus is a wallet for multiple cryptocurrencies. Exodus is a perfect option for beginners. Continue reading this Exodus wallet review to know more about its tools, advantages, and news on the market.

Table of Contents

  • Essential Information About Exodus;
  • Exodus Wallet Review;
  • Mobile and Desktop Exodus Wallet;
  • Users’ Reviews;
  • Coins Supported by Exodus;
  • Q&A.

Essential Information About Exodus

Exodus wallet is a product of Exodus Movement INC. The company was founded by Daniel Castagnoli and JP Richardson in 2015. The head office of Exodus company is located in Nebraska. Exodus is now looking to expand since no outside funding has been done in the last years.

Exodus is one of the software wallets that supports many cryptocurrencies.  Exodus wallet is available for mobile and as a desktop wallet. The advantages of this wallet include sufficient and fast online customer support and simple user-friendly interface.  However, there are some disadvantages, too. Unfortunately, there are not somany custom network fees for altcoins such as Ethereum on Exodus. Moreover, another downside is that Exodus wallet is not an absolutely open platform.

Exodus Wallet Review

We have already made a list of the best software wallets for cryptocurrencies before. After that review was published one of the subscribers left a comment that Exodus was not mentioned by us at all but that person used it. So we decided to make a full review of Exodus software wallet. As we found out, Exodus is the best among other software wallets because of its user interface, beautiful and functional design. Exodus is one of the systems with a great customer support and safe system for crypto assets. The user interface and other tools make Exodus easy and pleasant to use. Exodus’ developers made everything possible for the crypto community and especially beginners to have the easiest wallet in the world.

As has been already mentioned before, Exodus was originally a desktop wallet. But we have good news for you: recently Exodus software wallet has also become available in a mobile app (suitable both for IOS and Android). Mobile or desktop version is perfect for fast operations concerning crypto and Bitcoin exchanges because it is easy to understand how to use all the available tools. You can use Exodus wallet on Windows, MAC, and Linux for desktops. If you want to use a mobile app Exodus wallet has versions for both IOS and Android. It is also possible to pair your wallets on different devices. It is useful if you want to work with Exodus wallet on two devices and do not want to miss any important information.

Exodus is a lite wallet which means that users do not need to download the Blockchain to a device you are working on. When you work with Exodus some personal keys are stored on your mobile phone or desktop computer automatically.

Just one service that Exodus wallet does not offer compared to other software crypto wallets is network fee for altcoins and Ethereum. In the Exodus wallet, there are only fees allowed for one cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. This might be a major disadvantage since for all the rest of most popular cryptocurrencies the price is set automatically to complete the deal as soon as possible. If the network is crowded, it will not be profitable for a user of the wallet. 

Another available mode of working with cryptocurrency on Exodus wallet is combining it with TREZOR hardware wallets. This allows users to enjoy the perfect design of Exodus wallet and the robust security of hardware wallets.

Continue reading the Exodus wallet review to find more interesting facts and get answers to all your questions.

Mobile and Desktop Exodus Wallet

Let’s take a look at Exodus wallet user interface and get familiar with some essential tools. The desktop version of the wallet has more sections and features.

A mobile app has only three categories which are the same for the Exodus desktop wallet:

  • Exchange – this option in the Exodus wallet  is perfect for those users who want to trade multiple currencies. You can have a great experience with crypto exchanges without leaving and re-entering Exodus mobile app;
  • Wallet – the main purpose of using Exodus wallet is to be able to send and receive cryptocurrency coins from other people and their wallets;
  • Portfolio – in this section, people can see all cryptocurrencies that you have on the platform. In the bottom part, there are also line graphs showing the price changes for different currencies.

If you feel that these options are not enough for you to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency do not hurry to look for another cryptocurrencies wallet. Exodus desktop platform has more to offer its audience:

  • Settings – here, you can set needed options to make your personal Exodus wallet;
  • App explorer – app explorer, has a special section in which it is possible to work with other crypto apps (some of them help developers to raise interest and price for Bitcoin or other currencies that they have) while staying in Exodus wallet;
  • Help – this page has everything that is connected to customer support: support from the Exodus team via email, educational and helpful videos, a Slack chat, and Q&A section;
  • Backup – here, you always have a chance to restore the password of Exodus wallet.

Users’ Reviews

Surprisingly, founders of the company (JP Richardson and Daniel Castagnoli) really care about reviews and clients’ opinion. reviews They want users to get a good crypto exchange experience. If some problems occur, you will always be able to get some support using one of the following methods:

According to Trustpilot, Exodus has an average rating. We have already mentioned a lot of pros. Now let’s have a look at two major problems that people write their reviews about:

  • The first problem is an opportunity to hack an account. It is unclear whether all reviews are true because there has never been a major hack of the system. However, some people report their account hacks. We can only advise not to keep huge amounts of cryptocurrency on your account for long periods of time;
  • It also can be disturbing that Exodus has high transaction fees. The system sets a high fee to complete a transaction faster automatically so traders cannot control it. Custom fees are now available only for one cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

Coins Supported by Exodus

The number of supported coins on Exodus is outstanding. Most trademarks of the cryptocurrencies to choose from. The number is bigger than 115 crypto currencies.

The most popular ones are presented in the following list:


Is Exodus any good?

When you ask us, we will definitely answer “yes.” Exodus is an amazing cryptocurrency wallet. Both beginners and advanced users will enjoy an experience while using this crypto and exchange wallet. Because of a user-friendly interface it does not take any effort to use this wallet for crypto exchange. It is easy to trade cryptocurrency on Exodus because of a user-friendly interface, great support services, security (like verification email address). However, there is no two-factor authentication on Exodus.

Is Exodus safer than Coinbase?

Users can be sure about the security of Exodus. We can say that it has the best safety among other wallets. We bet it will be difficult for you to find any more secure wallet only if you search among hardware wallets. Unless this, we can ensure you that Exodus is one wallet that you should try since a team deals with any issue concerning security, personal access to cryptocurrency perfectly. The support services are also greatly developed so you do not have to deal with problems by yourself. Be sure to receive a quick response from the Exodus support team.

Is Exodus safe to use?

Users can be sure that Exodus wallet is one of the most secure services among software and even hardware wallets. The security is ensured by any of the safety features Exodus wallet offers. For instance, a wallet can be locked automatically after a particular time period. Because of this reason, it will be impossible to get access to your personal data concerning cryptocurrency or any exchange processes without a permission. There is another security feature – password protection.

The Exodus team thinks about clients’ security. They say it is crucial to download the wallet from a trusted website. Click this link to make yourself familiar with a process that can be used to verify a resource. While using the Exodus wallet, you will not be asked to register. Even the wallet itself does not have rights to access your personal information about cryptocurrency you have on the software wallets. One more thing that you should remember about is that Exodus is built on many open source components but not all of the components are like this. A lack of two-factor authentication is the one and only problem in the security system.

Has Exodus been hacked?

Thanks to good security, Exodus has not been hacked. Even if it is hacked it will be extremely hard to get access to your personal data and, most importantly, your cryptocurrency on the software wallets. Only one disadvantage of the system is a lack of two-factor authentication.

Why Was Exodus Created?

Exodus is one of the wallets that was created to keep crypto currencies and exchange them. The thing is that when people exchange cryptocurrency assets using Exodus the service gets an affiliate commission. The more crypto trades there are, the more money Exodus will get. If you are interested in the business model of Exodus you can have a look at it here.

What Makes Exodus Wallet Different?

All of the advantages mentioned before making Exodus an outstanding wallet to keep your cryptocurrency on. You can also exchange cryptocurrencies quickly, even if you are a beginner in the exchange sphere. You will always get all the needed information from a support group. All of these things combined all together make your experience of trading easy and pleasant.

Brian Forester

Brian is an experienced journalist and crypto enthusiast. Founder of CryptoCurry - famed for his insightful input on the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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