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First educational marketplace for digital currency enthusiasts

Are you new in the digital currency? Do you feel that urge to invest in Bitcoins, but hesitant to pursue because you have limited knowledge on cryptocurrencies?

Well, worry no more! An educational website or marketplace for Bitcoins paved the way for beginners to learn about how to invest in Bitcoins.

This is a great avenue to acquire a sufficient knowledge in digital currency investment. This education platform will provide the learning process through an online game and what’s more – it is free of charge! Now how is that for a deal!

Grab the opportunity in learning how to trade with Bitcoins!


Bitcoin mania does not stop! Following the rising trend of cryptocurrencies, Verified Solutions, the leader in this technology, decided to create one of the very first educational marketplace, where you could win real Bitcoins as well.

As Adam Bicz, one of the company’s associates says; –

The aim of edu.coindeal.com is to allow beginners to feel like investors in the world of cryptocurrencies. You can gain knowledge and learn how to invest, and it is risk-free! What is more, edu.coindeal.com is free of charge, and you can win real Bitcoins while trading with us.

Edu.coindeal.com is a place for everybody. We invite professional and experienced investors to join us too! The trade simulation is risk-free, it allows you to take steps that perhaps you would never do while trading for real! – Mackowiak, the second owner of the company, says.

Edu.coindeal.com was created to resemble the real exchange place. Its users will trade virtual digital currencies that imitate the real digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, that has gained enormous popularity recently. Their value will correspond the value of the cryptocurrencies available on the market. To start with, every player will receive 10k USD. The game will last for a month and the task will be to achieve the highest profit. The players that achieve the best results on a daily and weekly basis will be rewarded with real Bitcoins, Bicz adds.

The game starts on 16th October, and it is the last chance to sign up and participate in the contest. The final winners will be announced on 13th November.

We hope to register thousands of users from all around the world. If the first game is successful, we’d be happy to organize the contest on a regular basis, twice a year. We encourage you to join us and play/ have fun – this might be your chance to win your first real Bitcoins – says Bicz.

And for sure not the last one – says Maćkowiak and laughs.

Kajetan Maćkowiak and Adam Bicz

Founders of the MFIT-group which specializes in IT services and cryptocurrencies, which apart is Verified Solutions. Born and bred in Wrocław, Poland. Experienced entrepreneurs infatuated with modern technologies. However competitive in business, in private life they remain close friends.

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