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 July 15, 2021

By  Brian Forester

The history of bitcoin dates back to 2009 when a person or group of people under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto generated the first working block and the first 50 bitcoins. The first bitcoin transaction occurred a little later; Satoshi Nakamoto sent Hal Finney 10 bitcoins. But the peak of its popularity and cryptocurrencies occurred in 2017 when its price exceeded $19,000, and then only the laziest ones did not try to earn bitcoin to their crypto wallet for its convenient caching.

With the growth of technology, the time is not far off when bitcoin cryptocurrencies can become one of the world’s main currencies. Therefore, to earn bitcoins for yourself or any other cryptocurrency for the future, we will show you 15 ways to earn free bitcoins or make some money this way!

Many people think that since bitcoin is a new thing, it is easy to make some cash. But bitcoin is a virtual dollar, and earning dollars without putting in money and effort is not easy at all.

While applying our methods, you will still need to do some work, and we will evaluate the ways to earn bitcoin according to several criteria:

  • How much work should I do?
  • How much can I earn?
  • And what are the risks?

1. Lolli shopping rewards

With the growing popularity of cashback services on the Internet, we have to tell you how to earn bitcoin on usual purchases. By downloading a special extension to your browser, you can easily save up to 30% of your purchases by getting crypto cashback for it. We recommend using the Lolli app for this purpose, which will make it easier for you to find such a service.

Lolli is an American company that allows users to get cashback on purchases from more than 1,000 popular companies (Nike, Booking.com, Staples, Best Buy) in the form of bitcoin rewards. The Lolli method does not require any risks, and you can make good money on it. If you want cash back in crypto, then the Lolli app, launched by the well-known Coin Corner bitcoin exchange, is the best option for you!

2. Interest accounts

Another way to earn a bitcoin free without much effort is to have a previously purchased amount of bitcoins. You can deposit it into a crypto interest account and receive interest on it annually. Many companies provide such services, but we recommend creating a BlockFi interest account or use Nexo and Celsius Network.

In fact, it is no more difficult than opening your own bank account. Also, some Bitcoin loans providing companies services for issuing their bitcoin at a percentage to customers, for example, if you do not need cash. By using BlockFi, your bitcoins will generate income and not just it o in a Bitcoin wallet.

3. Staking

Some people use their crypto in different ways, for example, by blocking the participation of an asset in verifying transactions on their network. This method is called stacking, which is an effective replacement for crypto mining. The more bitcoins you put on the line, the higher your chances of becoming a validator, a person who stores bitcoins, forming a fund (stake), and gets rewarded for it.

The crypto websites that allow you to bet are Tezos, Cardano, and the most popular one – Etherium. The main thing is to know that betting is a risk. Just like this method, be careful and be prepared for any difficulty.

4. Micro earnings online (Faucets, PTC, Micro jobs)

We will show you one of the simplest and cheapest (but very time-consuming) ways to earn free bitcoin, micro earnings. The user needs to perform the usual tasks and earn a part of the bitcoin for the given time. One of the most popular URL services in this area is Bitcoin Faucets.

Bitcoin faucets are actually a subcategory of PTC websites, PTC meaning “Pay to Click.” On these websites, you are asked to click on ads, the websites will receive cash for the ads, and you will receive a small number of bitcoins for this action.

However, we do not highly recommend this particular method because, in an hour, you can earn a maximum of 40 cents for this process. Bitcoin faucets are suitable only for motivated people who really adore the idea of crypto mining.

5. Owning bitcoin faucets

Since being a member of the faucet is not too profitable, we will tell you a more effective method of crypto mining, creating your own faucet of bitcoins. Now you can easily build your bitcoin interest faucet and earn money by placing ads on your website. We had our own bitcoin faucet for years until we have decided to focus the attention on other things.

Depending on the number of advertising offers and the amount of traffic that comes to your site, you can earn up to $ 1,000 per month, so the income criterion is listed from low to medium. It all depends on your efforts! Here’s my beginner’s guide to running a free bitcoin currency faucet.

6. Running a signature campaign

This method to earn free bitcoin will consist of working as partners with the largest bitcoin forum, BitcoinTalk. Since 2014, they have started holding their own signature campaign. It means you can use your BitcoinTalk account for advertising the products and getting a very nice bitcoin interest reward for every post written by your hand.

If you are interested in the list of campaigns, you can view it on the forum. The amount of bitcoin payment for each post is affected by the membership level of the BitcoinTalk signature campaign. Those who have the status of a “full member” usually receive more than those who do not have it, if they receive anything at all. And so, to become a full member of this club, you need to write at least 120 posts and get a lot of background experience in writing them. There are several criteria, such as the length of the post, the originality of the written content, and a few more points.

According to our calculations, you can earn up to $5 per hour for this process, depending on your membership level and how many posts you write per day. That’s not bad, so much fun! Of course, we do not include the posts on the background that you need to write to achieve the desired level in the bitcoin income.

7. Become a crypto trader

Our risks are increasing, but the amount of rewards for your bitcoin wallet is also growing! The fastest way to earn free bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency is to trade them, but the risk compensates the speed.

Basically, Bitcoin trading is when you are trying to catch a good price for bitcoins, buy it, and then sell it when the price rises. Making a profit from it is not difficult, right? Nevertheless, successful bitcoin trading is not an online casino, and there is no place for danger or assumption. Skillful people in the field of trading spend months and years studying how the price of a currency changes and how to minimize the uncertainties associated with its sale. Successful ones working on these websites know that they can easily lose their bitcoin rewards by investing in bitcoin, but it is more a self-education investment, and they do not expect quick earnings.

If you want to become a good bitcoin currency trader, ask yourself, do I really have the time and capital to get proper knowledge in the field of trading, and can I afford to lose some of this capital in the initial stages? After all, we are sure that there is no success without mistakes!

8. Bitcoin affiliate programs

Our eighth method to earn bitcoin has also gained popularity quite recently, and we believe that this is the most underrated way to earn free bitcoin. Now companies have their own affiliate programs, and they are trendy on Instagram and other social networks.

What will you do? You are partners who promote a certain product or business in the media for free. Well, more precisely, not completely free of charge, but for a partners’ commission for the number of clients brought, that is, those who came from you buy the product, and you get a pleasant bitcoin percentage.

Moreover, many bitcoin exchanges have their own affiliate program where you can make an account. After that, you will receive your unique affiliate link to promote your product, business, or service.

Now you might have a question, how to attract people to my link because my income depends on it? If you are at least a little known on social media, you can share your link on social networks, and now bitcoin is already dripping into your crypto wallet. If you don’t have one, just ask your friends, launch advertising campaigns on different sites, or create your own unique site and use this link in the content that you promote on it. It’s better to write about bitcoins, so you will reach a more interested audience.

That’s how “99 Bitcoins” was born, and they even published a book called “My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets.” To become a successful marketer and promote a product efficiently, be sure to read the corresponding books or watch the videos, so you will understand the entire amount of work needed for training.

Plus, we made a list of high-yield affiliate programs for you so that you do not have to waste hours searching for them.

9. Bitcoin casinos

Once there is an ordinary casino in our life, then definitely, with the growing popularity of bitcoins, a crypto casino will also appear. These are the most obvious ways for miners to earn bitcoins, just play in the casino games, but remember these are the most endangered ways of all. It does not guarantee you a profit increase at all. There are very few details about this earn-bitcoin way, but if you decide to risk your bitcoins and try your luck, you should definitely make sure that the bitcoin casino you are playing at is honest and secure.

A proper bitcoin casino game that is trustworthy will know that their “home advantage” is enough to generate a good amount of profit and will constantly prove to its players that they are not faking the results. They do this with a special algorithm that uses crypto from Coinbase. Its essence is to show you that your or any other person’s winnings are completely random and not rigged. A list of honest casinos can be found on our website.

10. Why not be an editor of Bitcoin articles?

This opportunity to earn bitcoin is for those who are very well versed in bitcoins, sleep with a keyboard, and can work beautifully with a word. If this is about you, then you might consider becoming an article editor or a crypto-journalist. Due to the growing interest in the crypto industry, there are more and more information portals, forums, and websites. And since these sites produce dozens of articles every week, they really need writers who know the base in bitcoins cryptocurrency. Because of the difficulty of finding such specialists, if you present yourself correctly, you will have many opportunities to receive a high reward for your articles, working at home in comfort.

The perfect method for finding a writer’s job is to search on the job board in your favorite cryptographic publications. What is more, on these job board pages, you can write a letter about your desire to work as a writer or register a writer’s profile on the popular freelance service UpWork. It is best to have a couple of articles in stock when applying for such a job because employers will be interested to see your early works.

11. Sell a related product or service

If you are not that skilled at writing articles, you can try to offer some other service. The BitcoinTalk services offer a wide range of services that you can give in return for a reward to your bitcoin account. This can be like developing a website, marketing a product, or becoming an Escrow agent for Bitcoins transactions. This way, you can quickly earn bitcoins for tasks you can definitely do.

12. Bitcoin mining

How popular it used to be to mine bitcoin due to the profitability of the process, probably everyone who does not even know about cryptocurrency, but has heard about bitcoin, knows about mining. Many people who are just beginning to dive into this topic immediately think of becoming bitcoin miners. We are talking about making money from the bitcoin network using the energy of your home computer. It’s just a dream!

With the growing popularity of the crypto market products, the concept of being a bitcoin miner has become more of a profession than a hobby these days. This activity requires expensive, powerful mining equipment with high computing power, big energy expenses, high-quality knowledge about the equipment that you need to work with (e.g., video cards, motherboards, and so on), and the place where all the miners’ equipment will be located. And some serious miners use Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC), which is specialized hardware more.

Of course, cryptocurrency mining does not require such equipment costs, so some users switch to it (Ethereum mining, for example). But this reduces only one cost. The other bitcoin mining costs for electricity, maintenance, and others have not changed much.

Sometimes phone users may get ads for an app, which can help you to earn a bit using your everyday device. But we do not advise you to engage in mining in this way because you will only kill the battery of your phone, and in return, you will get a couple of cents and a huge electricity bill. And usually, the app turns out to be fake, so don’t trust everything you see on the promotion clips.

There is an alternative to cloud mining, you pay a person with equipment to mine for you, and he or she will share the upcoming profits with you. It may sound excellent, but most of these helper sites are just tricking scammers into taking your money, and it may appear to be difficult to keep your data safe. But there are also legal sites, yet it is very challenging to find them. So a smarter solution would be to invest in the purchase of bitcoin, as can be seen with the Genesis Mining analysis. But we suggest you do your own market research because it’s the money in your wallet, and you cannot be 100% sure about the trustworthiness of the articles you read.

13. Bitcoin lending

No less popular opportunities for earning bitcoins are bitcoin lending platforms. Such sites are a communication channel between borrowers who need to earn bitcoin quickly with the owner of a large Coinbase account, who give out their asset at a percentage. Since these are not credit cards, and the risks in such loans are very high, the owners set a high percentage on their crypto products. From this, it seems that this is a very profitable scheme, but it’s too early to rejoice just yet.

What can be wrong with earning 15% a year on your bitcoins, you may ask. Well, we haven’t said anything about the collateral that will hold the borrower responsible for the loan, then the loans remain unpaid, and the borrowers remain without cash. Once we’ve checked this type of lending, and they all turned out to have defaulted. Therefore, we advise you not to get involved with this way of earnings. Though the xCoins website has been running for a long time and has good reviews, it still has not been thoroughly tested, so take your time to find other ways to earn free bitcoins or stablecoins… or not so free, it’s up to you.

Some new marketing users have already started to give loans with set collateral in the form of the borrower’s bitcoin, which increases the security of the trade. Be sure you have checked our listing of the best websites.

14.HYIPs and coin doublers

Another method to earn bitcoins that you really should avoid, but we nonetheless will tell you about (for the riskiest of you), is coin doublers and high-yield investment programs or HYIPs. They claim to double your coins in just a few days or give meager interest rates. In fact, they take the Coinbase cash from new users and use it to pay off debts to old ones. This process creates a lot of hype around a site that seems responsible, legitimate, and may even be considered as one of the good ways to earn bitcoins in general.

For many years of studying such websites, people have not yet found one in which you can safely invest your money from credit or debit cards. Usually, it is just a mask behind which scammers hide. Be careful with your data and use site testing instruments to know the background of crypto websites.

15. Claiming Bitcoin forks and airdrops

In August 2017, bitcoin began to be divided into other types of crypto coins because of the good positions on the market, which means that a clone of it appears directly from bitcoin. Every person who held bitcoin before the fork could get a clone of it.

Its prototype was BitcoinCash, and then there were BitcoinGold and other platforms. The process of obtaining fork coins is standard but requires more in-depth knowledge of how bitcoin works. You can see the manual here.

If you are doubtful about your knowledge of fork coins but want to get it, be prepared to lose all of your bitcoins, so for non-technical users, it will be right to keep your Bitcoins safe and not touch fork coins.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it would be fair to say that there are no exceptional methods for making wealth on cryptocurrency. Each of them has its own pros and cons. Choose the one that meets all of your requirements in terms of security and reliability.

The main thing to remember is that you can’t make money extremely quickly and effortlessly on the crypto platforms, the same if you did it somewhere else. And if you can, then with a huge risk for you and your personal data. But if you put a little exertion into the safe method, you will be able to provide yourself and your loved ones with good finances. We want to wish you good luck with this difficult task!


1. What is the fastest way to earn free Bitcoin?

Above in the article, we pointed out as many as 15 ways how you can earn bitcoins by investing only your patience and time. The fastest way is most likely to play in a casino, but you can easily lose everything, so we recommend mining coins or writing articles about cryptocurrency. Read the article and choose the most suitable method for yourself!

2. What is the easiest way to earn a Bitcoin?

The easiest ways to earn a crypto coin are also the riskiest ones. You can use landing pages or casinos. But there are also more convenient ways, for example, to be a trader, miner, or writer, choose what you are more interested in. And again, reread our article to familiarize yourself better with all the options there are.

Brian Forester

Brian is an experienced journalist and crypto enthusiast. Founder of CryptoCurry - famed for his insightful input on the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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