US Senator Demands Internet with ‘Do Not Track List’ For Personal Information

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Personal information

Do you think that personal data should be shared with websites?

US Senator Josh Hawley thinks otherwise. As a matter of fact, he is proposing legislation that will enable Internet users to refuse to share their personal information with websites. It is the senator’s most recent round against behemoth tech companies.

Do Not Track Bill

Sen. Hawley declared on May 20, his recommendation of “Do Not Track” list. The said measure will obstruct online firms from gathering information. These are data that are beyond the limits of the companies’ online services considered not necessary.

The bill will likewise block websites from transmitting data to other companies. Blocking will transpire once an Internet user activates Do Not Track except when the principal firm is an allowed intermediary.  

Disclose or Get Penalized

In the event that Hawley’s proposal is legalized, companies will be required to reveal the rights of Internet users. In addition, businesses will be charged if they did not adhere to the bill’s provisions. Internet users can register for the list on a web browser or via an application.

Sen. Hawley exclaimed during a statement, “Big tech companies collect incredible amounts of deeply personal, private data from people without giving them the option to meaningfully consent. The American people didn’t sign up for this, so I’m introducing this legislation to finally give them control over their personal information online.”

He also recently presented legislation targeting what are known as loot boxes. Video game users buy this to acquire intermixed items or advantage. Aside from Hawley, there are other people who criticize the practice as it introduces minors to gambling.

Both political party members have raised awareness regarding how tech companies monitor the actions of Internet users. However, there are some who are opposed to Hawley’s measure. They perceived it as government interference into free speech and private enterprises.

Unprotected Personal Information Online

Internet users have the slightest idea or not aware at all how worse they are at online security.  According to a Google and Harris Poll survey, 55% of Americans aged 17 and up rate themselves with an A or B regarding online safety and security. Based on the 1,002 correspondents, 70% mistakenly distinguished what does a safe website looks alike.

Speaking of web browsers, it is indeed true that they gather and keep information from their users. It will then be shared or sold to third-party companies without the user’s knowledge. This is why Decenternet developed the world’s first net neutral browser.

World’s First Net Neutral Browser

The Osiris web browser is one of the many initiatives of the Decenternet platform. It delivers  3-7 times faster browsing compared to your traditional web browsers. This killer browser safeguards crucial data and defends against censorship of information.

It also gets rid of autocratic revenue streams which offer no worth to users. This promising web browser interrupts persuasive interests and data to protect confidential personal information. Best of all, Osiris is free!

This new-generation web browser has been already deployed for that user-friendly experience. You can take advantage of Osiris other wonderful features by downloading it here.

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