Top 10 Most Innovative High-Caliber Blockchain Projects for 2018

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Blockchain Projects

What blockchain projects should we look out for this 2018?

For the past years, blockchain technology had proven itself to be a major market motivator. There are three key features of the blockchain, decentralization, speed, and simplicity, which attract different industries into diving into the technology. Blockchain holds a lot of potentials and a great part of the world can see that.

The blockchain is continuously receiving fame in different areas. This had resulted in the launching of various game-changing applications and projects with blockchain as the foundation. The second half of 2018 had come and gone, leaving the world with several exceptional blockchain projects that are worth giving out attention to.

There’s quite a long list of blockchain projects for this year but we’ve hand-picked ten of the most innovative and exceptional from them all. Here’s what we have so far.

  1.     Decenternet’s (Dnet) P2P Internet Infrastructure

One of the biggest problems with the internet is the monopolistic data distribution cartels that have the ownership of most data seen on our screen. That means third parties can take advantage of the data content that we create and own.

To address this, Decenternet—an alternative P2P permanent hyperspeed neutral decentralized internet infrastructure platform solution, is offering a web browsing experience that is unbound by politics and oppression. It’s cheaper, faster, proliferates net neutrality, and protects your privacy. Powered by blockchain technology and being the only one of its kind today, Decenternet assures everyone an utmost data protection that the current internet framework that everyone uses at the moment, couldn’t offer. It will also bring profits straight to the contributing peers without the manipulation of a third party.

The release date of the platform is set in the last quarter of 2019. The team is working on the project and are inviting people to join in their quest for planetary greatness.

  1.     Ripple’s (XRP) Codius Platform

While the world’s technology is developing and everyone, everything is connected and communicating, global payments are stuck and slow. XRP had addressed this concern however it has notably lacked the smart contract functionality.

They had previously eliminated their Codius project which could’ve been the first major blockchain project to integrate smart contracts. Ripple realized their mistake and is now reviving the project.

The open hosting protocol Codius will make it easy to upload a program plus it has a built-in billing. Other features of the platform also include a state-of-the-art sandboxing and incredibly fast speed. Codius uses Ripple’s Interledger as a payment mechanism.

  1.     IOTA’s Data Marketplace

Data Marketplace is a platform where one can share or sell unused data. The best thing about this IOTA innovation is there are no transaction fees thus it removes the biggest barrier in using blockchain. It will also be a means for the Internet of Things (IoT) and in theory, this can be instrumental for the IoT operation to be at its peak efficiency.

Currently, the project is still in the early stage of the testing process. After all the bumps it met during the beta launch, it is considered as an intriguing work in progress.

  1.     Endor’s (EDR) Predictive Analysis System

The Endor Software Ltd is created by a team of MIT engineers. It was established with the purpose of making artificial market predictions based on data analysis. Endor analyses a huge amount of data to be able to provide the most accurate prediction possible. Dubbed a Google of predictive analysis, the platform brings ease of use and power.

The company is recently working on cryptocurrency predictions to prove the concept of the platform. The technology is now available to the masses.

  1.     Steemit’s DTube

DTube, a video upload platform, runs on the Steemit platform which is a social media website that runs on the STEEM blockchain. The video application is fully written in javascript, runs in the browser, and allows watching and uploading videos on top of the IPFS network. And while YouTube is the largest website for user-created content, people wanted alternatives and here comes DTube.

DTube works similar to YouTube only that it is easier to earn money because of its open nature. Because of the blockchain foundation, it is also decentralized. People can earn rewards through votes, the more people who like your content,the more money you’ll gain.

DTube and Steemit are very much connected, and so is their future. DTube will grow if Steemit does.

  1.     Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Rivaling Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome, Brave Browser is changing the game by integrating BAT token. This Basic Attention Token, a blockchain-based digital advertising, is trying to revolutionize the online advertising industry by blocking ads. The project however also allows users to view a specific advertiser as long as it passes the platform’s standards. Those who are interacting or viewing the ads will be rewarded with crypto tokens.

There are very few real uses of cryptocurrency. And Brave found just one of the relatively rare ones that can seriously disrupt the industry.

  1.    Golem’s Decentralized Supercomputer

Golem is a global and open-source decentralized supercomputer that is capable of computing a wide a variety of tasks, a marketplace for computing power. It plans on streamlining the computer industry allowing users to rent their unused computational resources to other users who wish to perform memory-intensive tasks. In return for renting, the network rewards the user in GNT tokens.

Golem made it possible for resources that are sitting idle to be monetized on the decentralized network. The Airbnb of computing, this project wants to be dubbed as that.

  1.     Microsoft’s Decentralized IDs

The software giant is working on a project that will take some time to progress but will surely bring massive change. Microsoft is working on developing decentralized IDs within its Authenticator app that is currently being used by millions of people. This will allow individuals to store ID information on an immutable blockchain. A digital key will put every person in control of their digital identity and will enable them to verify their identity whenever they needed to. It can also allow developers to customize services and applications that require less personal information to be reviewed.

If Microsoft can successfully incorporate these decentralized IDs on their Authenticator app, it will make identity authentication easier than ever.

  1.    ThinkCoin’s Multi-Asset Trading

Bringing trading to the blockchain, ThinkCoin is making it possible to trade cryptocurrencies, ForEx, shares, and commodities in a simple and secure way. It is a digital trading token that underpins the TradeConnect Network. What makes it different from other networks are the advanced features such as the Digital Personas, a complex scoring model for Liquidity Enhancement that allows predictive modeling of the trades. It is a matching engine that creates a connect fee allowing the trader to take part in a rebate pool based on volume plus it removes commissions.

The platform is being developed by ThinkMarkets Group. ThinkCoin together with TradeConnect will leverage the massive pool of intellectual property financial resources and technology.

10 . Blox’s Quickbook for Crypto

This CDT (Coin Dash Token) powered next generation application is built to manage crypto assets spread out among different exchanges and wallets. It can automatically or manually sync the crypto wallets and exchange making it the future of crypto trading.

This is ideal for both individuals and companies that invest in several crypto assets even businesses that perform a similar function for their crypto assets. At present, the platform has managed over $2 billion assets, and it is set to reach $10 billion by the end of 2018.


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