Tom Wheeler Dares Ajit Pai To Endorse House Vote On Congressional Review Act

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Congressional Review Act

It’s a clash between the former and current FCC chair as Tom Wheeler dares Ajit Pai to press on a House vote to void his own decision to eradicate 2015 Open Internet Order. Well, isn’t that an irony?

The net neutrality rules that Pai wants to diminish are the same principles when Wheeler was the chairman of the FCC during the Obama administration. But since Pai, a former Verizon lawyer was appointed by Trump to take charge of the federal agency, everything went upside down. The open internet that everyone used to enjoy is now in jeopardy. Pai’s so-called Restoring Internet Freedom is threatening the Title II service.

During the C-SPAN’s Communicators series interview, Wheeler said, “I am a proponent of openness, non-discrimination, and privacy in all venues. It just happened that while I was at the FCC, we only had jurisdiction over networks. But there comes a time when we have to say, ‘Wait a minute, what are the rules that are going to govern this new environment. And, most important, who’s going to make those rules?”

He was also asked regarding the issues that Facebook is dealing with right now especially the data sharing issue with Cambridge Analytica. Wheeler just reiterated what Mark Zuckerberg said that major providers had established their businesses centered on continuous modernization with little scrutiny on the ramification than what could have been applicable.

The Wheeler version of Communicators will be aired on C- SPAN at 6:30 PM EST on Saturday, June 9, and on C-SPAN2 Monday, June 11, at 8 AM and 8 PM.

Meanwhile, Wheeler said that there was indeed no distributed denial of service attack or DDoS that occurred in 2014. That was the time when the FCC was drowning with comments regarding his views on net neutrality guidelines.

The argument emerged this week when a report from Gizmodo stated that the FCC provided misleading information to the reporters about the cyber attack claims that occurred in 2014 and 2017 which were associated to the net neutrality comment program.

According to the acquired emails, FCC chief information officer David Bray had launched a “fraudulent” account of a 2014 issue with the net neutrality docket. The said issue suggests that the FCC has been the aim of DDoS assaults. Wheeler who was the FCC chairman at that time did not want to acknowledge the attack to avoid copycats publicly.

Bray said that a “crash” resulted amid Trump’s FCC net neutrality procedure that was depicted as a DDoS attack which turned out during Wheeler’s time as the FCC chief.

On the other hand, current FCC chief, Pai hinted that the docket in 2017 endured a DDoS. It resolved concerns with processing the intensity of remarks it obtained on the recommendation to rollback net neutrality rules.

The Internet is an important factor that is considered we cannot live without. That is why Decenternet keeps the open internet alive for its users. It makes sure of the smooth flow of the internet traffic so that consumers can enjoy their freedom to communicate online without any assault. They will have no worries that the contents they want to access might be blocked or slowed down.



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