SPYCE: Decenternet’s Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency is Here!

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gold-backed currency Spyce

Are you ready for the gold-backed currency of the future?

When Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the first ever cryptocurrency known as bitcoin, it never stopped there. In fact, the technology called blockchain that came along with it has now been utilized by multifarious industries including health and supply chains.

Different digital currencies circulated the market from different parts of the world. There could now be more or less 2,000 cryptocurrencies. Some of these virtual currencies are backed by fiat, oil, or even gold just like Decenternet’s Spyce.

What is Decenternet?

Decenternet is the most compelling platform and exceptionally hyper-speed peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized internet infrastructure solution instituted on blockchain technology. All of the Decenternet’s financial activity is driven in Spyce which is obtainable through domestic mining. It can be exchanged with other and major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as one of its finest features.

In South Korea, some business organizations started to adopt crypto payments. In case a person has no digital currency such as Ethereum, it can be exchanged with Spyce. It is utilized for all Decenternet-related services, trade, commerce, microtransaction on the platform itself and Osiris web browser.

Introducing the “Currency of FREEDOM”

Spyce is the “currency of FREEDOM” as what Decenternet calls it. It is backed by gold and the element of all physical, mental, and economic activity. It also includes all commerce and trade of goods and services. It’s Decenternet’s domestic currency obtainable by keeping a node that tenders pristine computing resources to self-sustainable dTitan (Decenternet Mainnet). It can also be purchased on the SpyceDex (Decenternet Native Exchange) or any cryptocurrency exchange that backs Spyce.

Do you know that mining gold-backed currency Spyce could accelerate the speed of network data transmission? The proprietary PoR (Proof of Reliability) protocol guarantees network speed upkeep. The centralized internet will soon become a history proliferating net neutrality to all internet users protecting and enabling their freedom of speech.

World’s First Net-Neutral Web Browser

Decenternet users are incentivized with gold-backed currency Spyce just by using the Osiris web browser. The net neutral web browser provides 3 to 8 times faster browsing than the traditional ones. At the same time, it blocks intrusive ads to prevent interrupted watching.  Users can save money and their privacy is surely protected. Osiris is developed to progressively deliver the perception of a planetary grade information system and a borderless and permissionless decentralized financial infrastructure liberated from corruption and oppression.

Decenternet is inexpensive, much faster, supports net neutrality while safeguarding personal data and privacy. It eliminates the control of corrupt intermediaries without the need to ask for consent from any central organization. Its core assets including the blockchain native Spyce, Liberty Search Engine, Osiris Net-Neutral Web Browser, and Dnet web hosting forge an absolutely free web environment directly distributing profits to the participating peers devoid of intermediary manipulation.  


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