Sling TV Joins the Cable TV Price Increase Bandwagon

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Net neutrality repeal is now slowly crouching to every consumer’s cable TV.

Americans will no longer enjoy the programs they used to watch the same way before. Sling TV declared on Thursday that its channels would be sold individually. The Sling TV app will be used with no need for consumers to buy a base subscription. The à la carte scheme will consist of premium channels such as Showtime and on-demand channels and sports bundles.

Even before the expiration of the open internet principles, media advocates had spent years persuading the FCC to require pay-TV providers pose their channels on an à la carte system. However, the FCC or the pay-TV sectors did not bother to change. The big question is, what encourages the transition now?

The FCC is somehow to be held accountable. It repealed the 2015 Open Internet Order (Title II service), and a federal judge approved the AT&T-Time Warner merger. This made Sling TV go à la carte competing with the Watch TV service.

Watch TV is establishing reasonable squeeze on pay-TV services by providing no less than free 30 channels to subscribers of AT&T’s new wireless unlimited data plans and a separate product costing $15 a month. It seems that AT&T is following the footsteps of Google and other huge tech companies that offer free content and services. The obtainment of Time Warner’s channels along with their affiliated advertising inventory incorporated into AT&T’s direct-to-consumer relationships provides it a break to compete with large tech firms in the online advertising industry.

If only Democrats were able to dominate FCC, this kind of competition would have possibly been asserted unlawful as a net neutrality breach. The Obama-era FCC sent AT&T a letter alleging the wireless carrier of violating the open internet principles by providing free data to its mobile consumers who subscribe to DirectTV when using the app.

Meanwhile, Dish previously declared that its negotiations with Univision had crumbled. Univision abandoned the discussion after Dish deferred on a 75% price increase Univision desired.

“Univision is demanding DISH pay roughly 75 percent more for channels whose ratings have declined among DISH viewers by approximately 30 percent over the past five years. In fact, ratings for its flagship Univision channel have declined by nearly 40 percent since 2012. These trends are only expected to continue,” said Dish in a statement.

According to DishLATINO and Sling Latino VP Alfredo Rodríguez Diaz-Marta, Univision is asking for price climbs intended to affect the Latino market that they had provided service for more than two decades. They are frustrated and upset with Univision’s threat to block Latino customers from its news and entertainment content, especially during challenging times.

The incident came following Dish’s Sling Orange plan price increase to $25 per month. Univision still considers negotiations with Dish if it demonstrates seriousness about paying a righteous amount for the services.

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