Red Alert Campaign Commences To Recover Net Neutrality

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recover net neutrality

Red is the color of the day.

Today, most of the websites will have red screens. That is because the Red Alert campaign to recover net neutrality has begun.

These “red alerts” request readers and visitors to ask their respective representatives to recover net neutrality. It is a move to counter the FCC’s vote last December to dismantle the open internet. The agency wants to give their blessings to cable and broadband providers to block contents, slow down the connection, and charge customers higher fees for accessing other websites.

On this day, Democrat Sen. Ed Markey (MA) will attempt to urge Senate to set up a vote on his motion to invalidate the repeal and recover net neutrality. He has the assistance to do it. However, it is still uncertain when that day would come.

Sen.Markey’s move is to enforce the Congressional Review Act (CRA). It would enable Congress to reverse decisions that federal agencies had established. To date, 50 senators support the legislation to recover net neutrality. These include all of the Democrats, independent, and Republican Sen. Susan Collins (ME).

Sen. Ed Markey said, “There’s a political day of reckoning coming against those who vote against net neutrality.”

Others might think that net neutrality is already dead. However, the fight is just starting to recover net neutrality.  More than a dozen website such as Etsy, OKCupid, Reddit, and even porn sites show their support.

Expectedly, both Republicans and telecom companies debate that stricter regulations will threaten and impede the expansion of internet access, speed and of course, investment. Wouldn’t it be better if these companies prioritize customer satisfaction rather than their own profit satisfaction?

Internet users prefer a free and open internet. They would be happy and satisfied if the contents and websites they wish to access will not be blocked or slowed down. Just like in the Decenternet platform, consumers have no difficulties with accessibility. As a matter of fact, Decenternet (Dnet for short), offers users with limitless access to both decentralized and centralized network.

While using the system, Internet users will not have to worry that their personal information will be in jeopardy. Dnet does not distribute any personal data because its system is established to protect and secure.


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