Millions Of Pilfered Identities Exploited For Fabrication Of Net Neutrality Opinions

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Millions of people are not aware that their identities have been stolen in the wake of net neutrality nullification. 

It was recently reported that 2 million identities are stolen and used to provide false comments regarding the FCC’s decision to dismantle net neutrality rules. Unfortunately, two of those pilfered identities belong to two senators namely,  Jeff Merkley (OR) and Pat Toomey (PA). A Democrat and Republican senators, respectively who did not expect that they would encounter such an unthinkable thing.

The two senators appealed to the FCC to delve into identity theft and deception in the public critiques. A part of the letter that was sent to the federal agency read as “We were among those whose identities were misused to express viewpoints we do not hold. We are writing to express our concerns about these fake comments and the need to identify and address fraudulent behavior in the rulemaking process.”

A public comment structure or a system asking for personal information for WiFi access that is not secured in some way won’t protect even the highest official of the government.

Both senators asked the FCC to enforce intelligible security methods like the Completely Automated Procedures for Telling Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA) to eliminate comments generated by bots.

A day prior to the federal agency’s vote to reverse net neutrality, New York Atty.
Gen. Eric Schneiderman disclosed new information regarding the fake net neutrality comments. The investigation discovered that 2 million comments are associated with pilfered identities. According to him, more than 5,000 individuals presented reports to his office of identity exploitation. The reports included claims that departed family members filed some of the remarks.

At Decenternet, personal information is kept confidential. That is because the system has been designed to protect and secure the personal details of its users. Consumers do not have to worry about pilfered identities and its distribution.

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