[VIDEO] Industry Trade Group Report Claims Net Neutrality Repeal Appropriate

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Industry Trade Group

For net neutrality adversaries, the dismantling of the regulations are beneficial but advocates say otherwise.

According to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai, a new industry trade group report demonstrates that the new net neutrality regulations indeed encourage capitalization in broadband. USTelecom published the details on Thursday (Oct. 18), disclosing that broadband investment soared by $1.5 billion beginning 2016 to 2017.  For them, this event justifies his regulations emphasize curtailing of regulatory red tape.

USTelecom is an industry trade group that lobbies for the US broadband industry with dominant Internet Service Provider members such as AT&T and Verizon. It also includes smaller players based in rural areas like Blackfoot in Montana. USTelecom has been one of the groups that fruitlessly charged the previous FCC administration regarding its 2015 Open Internet Order. It likewise coalesced with the Department of Justice in accusing California when Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB 822 into a law in September.

The testimony of the industry trade group arrives just in time for the FCC’s preparation to stand for itself in court. Pai will face the accusations filed by 22 state attorney generals along with tech companies over the federal agency’s repeal of net neutrality.

Supporters of net neutrality have contested for a long time that the commission’s financial evaluation is incorrect. Former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler emphasized that even if broadband capitalization plummeted in 2014, it overall rose to $1 billion from 2013 after taking office until 2015.

Free Press spokesman Tim Karr said, “I would hope people see through this nonsense, and realize what financial analysts that cover this industry know: light-touch regulation is simply not a factor in ISPs’ investment decisions. Other factors like technology cycles, changes in expectations about consumer demand, tax policy, and a host of other factors are far more important than the mere presence of one type of regulation and regulatory authority.”

Public Knowledge founder Gigi Sohn worked for the previous FCC under Tom Wheeler said that it is no longer overwhelming that the broadband sector is now providing a report that tailors the precise description they want to convey. She added that the USTelecoom’s assumption clearly undermines its reasoning since net neutrality regulations were repealed in December of last year and took place in June of this year.

According to a USTelecom spokesman, the report presented by the trade industry group does not indicate that net neutrality repeal was the sole aspect that added to the recovery in the broadband companies’ spending.

Aside from USTelecom,  the National Association of Manufacturers also stands up for the FCC’s decision to repeal net neutrality and replace it with 2017 Restoring Internet Freedom Order.

Mozilla and other tech companies challenged the new regulation imposed by the agency which vanquished protection against blocking, throttling and paid prioritization including accustomed management measure contrary to the unspecified pressure to the free and open internet in federal court.

Who would not want a free and open internet? Even ISPs want them for themselves. However, people that belong to the low-income bracket could not afford to shell out extra bucks just to have access to most sites. And if they do, they have to expect discrimination of contents or slowing down of internet connection.

The Decenternet platform wants to avoid these kinds of circumstances caused by ISPs’ illegal practices. It provides limitless access to the decentralized and centralized web that gives freedom to the users to freely communicate online. At the same time, it enables and safeguards the free speech of users.

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