Impact Of Shadowbanning Affects Everyone, Including The Republicans

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Impact Of Shadowbanning

It looks like the Republicans are getting a taste of their own medicine as the impact of shadowbanning starts to emerge.

During the Obama administration, the Federal Communications Commission has been led by Democrats. It is when the 2015 Open Internet Order was created to protect consumers and the contents they want to access from being blocked or throttled. In short, Internet Service Providers must not discriminate and should treat internet traffic fairly and equally which is the opposite of shadowbanning.

However, when Donald Trump became president and appointed former Verizon lawyer, Ajit Pai as the FCC chairman, everything went wrong. Along with the agency, dismantled the net neutrality rules and replaced it with their own, called Restore Internet Freedom. The new set of rules took place on June 11, and the ones that will have freedom are the cable and broadband providers.

These edge providers such as AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon are now free from the chains that forbid them to do unlawful practices. They now have the authorization to favor their own contents over competitors. They can create “fast” and “slow” lanes depending on customers who can pay more. Zero-rating and data capping as well will be in their favor.

Just recently, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, Ronna Romney McDaniel criticized Silicon Valley, preferably Twitter of shadowbanning of rightists. It made her organization furious but should they be? Based on their 2016 Republican National Committee platform, they pledged to abolish the preservations and enable firms to surveil content if necessary.

According to a section of their Orwellian “Protecting Internet Freedom” platform, “The survival of the internet as we know it is at risk. Its gravest peril originates in the White House, the current occupant of which has launched a campaign, both at home and internationally, to subjugate it to agents of the government. The President ordered the chair of the supposedly independent Federal Communications Commission to impose upon the internet rules devised in the 1930s for the telephone monopoly.”

It might be that McDaniels is not aware of that and complained last Friday. She blasted Twitter for the alleged shadowbanning of specific Republicans that limits their searchability. Officials included are Representatives Mark Meadows (NC), Matt Gaetz (FL), Jim Jordan (OH) and McDaniels herself. There was also a report that the latest victim of discrimination is Andrew Surabian, spokesman of Donald Trump Jr.

What is shadowbanning? More people acknowledge the practice as the unconfirmed moniker for restricting the distinguishability and range of a social media account such as Twitter without informing the person or group of any modifications made.

A group or an individual can tell if they are under shadowbanning if:

  • Other people or group will not be informed once they are mentioned.
  • The mentioned individual or parties will not see your remarks in their “Mentioned” tab.
  • The person who is affected by shadowbanning will not appear on any search requests.
  • The person’s tweets will be concealed in any thread.
  • Tweets that have been tagged Twitter-style will show as “Unavailable.”

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