Giant ISP’s 5G Scheme Disrupts Net Neutrality Regulations Case

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After Verizon’s data throttling incident of one of the fire departments in California during the wildfire chase, the internet service provider is trying to divert the people’s attention to its new wireless high-speed internet service.

In the wake of California’s new net neutrality bill’s excruciating efforts to pass the obstacles on its way to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk for approval, Verizon’s data throttling of the Santa Clara County fire department might have added to the grounds the reason why the bill was passed by both Assembly and Senate.  However, it seems that the titan wireless provider has found a way to keep the data throttling controversy under wraps with the introduction of its new  5G Home high-speed internet service.

As Verizon indicated, people began signing up for its 5G Home plan on Tuesday. The service will only cover  Los Angeles, Sacramento, Indianapolis, and Houston which will start on October 1. The telecom company claimed that the speeds would be as swift as 1 Gbps and more than 10 times faster compared to what household receives today.

The 5G Home no longer needs excavation or placing cables to achieve blazing velocity because it instead uses a new wireless transmission breakthrough. It signifies that Verizon can start providing fiber optic speeds wherever in the state just by putting up small cell towers in a specific location.

Other telecom companies are rushing to position their own 5G networks. While AT&T confirms that its first mobile 5G will be launched by the end of 2018,  T-Mobile’s goal is to provide a 5G network with speeds that could reach to 4 Gbps in less than 24 months. It could be the case of net neutrality disruption.

Large Internet companies push the courts to bring back net neutrality regulations that the FCC just repealed,  place their complete assertion on the allegation that home broadband nowadays is a consortium. Based on their August filing to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia of the Internet Association, it is absurd to think that candidness concerning ISP practices alone could cushion net neutrality for millions of consumers who can’t shift to other providers. They either need to acknowledge their provider’s disclosed traffic management practices or endure no internet connection.

5G is the advancement of the wireless 4G LTE breakthrough that is generally utilized on smartphones and devices. The notable difference is in the speed that 5G can offer even outside the use of mobiles. The Verizon 5G Home, in this case, will replace the usually wired home broadband internet service. Wireless internet data will be forwarded to households through “small cells” or mini towers.

According to Verizon, its 5G Home service will have no charge for 3 consecutive months. The succeeding months will cost existing subscribers $50 per month and $70 per month for non-Verizon subscribers.

Even with the advent of new technology, the right of consumers to have a free and open internet should not be side-stepped. That is why the Decenternet platform enables and protects the people’s free speech. It also provides users with boundless access to several websites without the discrimination, blocking, and throttling of contents.

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