FCC Chief Attacks California’s ‘Gold Standard’ Net Neutrality Bill

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net neutrality bill

It has been a tough fight and a long hurdle for California’s ‘gold standard’ net neutrality bill before it reached Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk.

California’s “gold standard” net neutrality bill became popular for both advocates and adversaries because of its extensive measures. It could be said that only the internet service providers are not happy about it not to mention the FCC chief and his federal agency.

The legislators’ defiance along with the different groups and businesses lobbying efforts are somehow getting into the nerves of Ajit Pai. US President Trump’s approval to restore net neutrality for the conservatives’ sake could also add to the FCC chairman’s anxiety. Pai called California’s net neutrality bill as “illegitimate,” “against consumers,” and mirrors an effort by authoritative as well as the over-paternalistic government institutions that intervene and influence the lives of its constituents that would stifle consumers.

He said during a speech conveyed at the Maine Heritage Policy Center in Portland, “Last month, the California state legislature passed a radical, anti-consumer Internet regulation bill that would impose restrictions even more burdensome than those adopted by the FCC in 2015.”

Pai also emphasized that the state’s micromanagement could jeopardize the rest of the nation. He also figures that states have no authority to lawfully govern broadband traffic. According to him, Internet traffic does not acknowledge states lines and supports that the federal government has the only jurisdiction to impose regulatory procedures in that field.

Sen. Scott Wiener’s SB 822 became a “gold standard” among net neutrality bill forged by other states due to the inclusion of banning of zero-rating plans. However, Pai retaliated and particularly slammed the provision arguing that consumers are in favor of data-cap exemptions. He added that this kind of plan has become among consumers, specifically among lower-income Americans.

Sen. Wiener, on the other hand, responded that SB 822 is championed by a universal alliance of consumer groups, organizations that campaign for low-income households, small to mid-size tech firms, labor unions, and last but not the least, Tom Wheeler who was the FCC Chairman during the Obama administration. He added that California is not like the FCC which is run by giant telecom and cable firms.

California is where most companies started their business and became successful in their operations. The state would never abandon the opportunity to become home to the coming up Google, Netflix, or Facebook. They would not lose the advantage, most especially, when the sole benefit is to further beef up a number of outrageously deep-pocketed companies with usual dominations over widespread country strips.

Who would not need the protections of the net neutrality bill if the consumers are to be asked? It could be the FCC, and the cable and broadband providers are the likely answers.

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