Facebook Becomes Stricter With App Developers Regarding Data Security

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How serious will it be?

Facebook has always been in the headlines because of the numerous issues of data security and breaches that the giant social media is dealing with, it now becomes stricter with the app developers.

It thoroughly reviews their applications because it wants to determine if these developers are complying with the new application policies. Any applications that utilize Instagram were likewise a part of the reviewing procedures.

App developers were given until the first day of August for re-submissions. In case they failed, they are removed from Facebook’s Application Programming Interface platform.

It affirmed that hundreds of developers were not able to make it to the deadline and will be ejected from the API platform. The company’s accord was needed to examine a huge volume of dormant apps in their channel.

Facebook needs to examine the apps submitted by app developers where different enterprises enable users application entry using their platform’s login.

This includes Facebook as the default login or alternate access along with the user’s email address. Aside from that, it does comprise businesses that associate their applications with the following.

  • Facebook’s Pages API
  • Facebook’s Messenger API
  • Facebook’s Events API
  • Facebook’s Business Manager API
  • Facebook’s Groups API

Active applications were also regarded and will be reviewed the soonest. App developers with active applications were guaranteed that they would not drop their API access during the assessment process. Facebook also granted exemptions and delays for specific types of applications.

The major reason why Facebook is closely examining the applications of app developers is to forcefully police the users’ information.

Thinking that the platform has been through scandals and controversies in terms of privacy and data breaches, it has taken a strong determination. It hopes to control how third-parties utilize and disseminate this information outside Facebook’s environment.

Facebook has been expressive regarding every measure they undertake in relation to data safety. They want to build trust with their users that their information will not be compromised. And to further boost user experience, it wants app developers to create applications that support a superior social experience.

Likewise in the Decenternet platform, users are given top priority when it comes to data privacy and security. It guarantees the confidentiality of its user’s personal information with its Anuvys OS that is packed with powerful Linux apps like Steam and LibreOffice. It is the original blockchain OS that fully replaces all current operating systems for both mobile devices and desktops.

Meanwhile, online advertising firms are complaining about Facebook and Google’s dominance in the digital world as both companies continue to level up and slow down resources for others.  Several ad companies along with their investors are raising the white flag.

Venture capital equities that flow into ad tech start-ups are declining distinctly which helps force an impulse of consolidation.  Financing approached a high of $2.92 billion in 2015. This year, it is bound to be less half of it, according to the financial research firm, CB Insights.

LUMA Partners Chief Executive Terry Kawaja said, “While all industries go through a maturation curve, this one faces a particular need for consolidation. So many of these companies were not profitable.”

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