California Legislators Press On Gov. Jerry Brown For SB 822 Endorsement

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It has been a long journey for Sen. Scott Wiener’s SB 822 which finally reached its final destination – Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk, waiting for his endorsement.

Last week, open internet advocates celebrated when the Assembly and the Senate passed the “gold standard” of net neutrality. The once-gutted bill has made it to the California governor’s office and is just waiting for his most anticipated signature.

Co-authors Sen. Wiener and Assemblyman Miguel Santiago along with the conjunction of dynamic activists, appeal to Gov. Brown to sign SB 822 on September 30. It would confine its passage into law as an important maneuver in shielding Californian residents as well as small-scale enterprises from the unfair procedures of the state’s leading internet service providers.

If Gov. Brown signs SB 822, it will become a staggering punch to the edge providers such as AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon that have invested huge amounts of money over the past ten years to impede net neutrality from turning into state law. These giant ISPs may have won a victory last year when the FCC decided to repeal net neutrality on December, but things will change once the bill turns into a law.

California-based Courage campaign executive director Eddie Kurtz said, “Protecting access to the internet and the free flow of information online is critical to our democracy and [S.B. 822] is an important first step to reinstating net neutrality across America.”

Considerably, SB 822 is by far the most compelling endeavor on a state level yet to reinstate net neutrality and curb broadband providers from becoming devastating internet gatekeepers. The bill does not only replicates the philosophy of the 2015 Open Internet Order but likewise essentially emphasize how the rules shall be enforced.

The said bill will additionally ban broadband providers from disfavoring against services and websites through throttling or blocking of internet traffic. It will likewise constrain ISPs from imposing pricey fees to apps and content providers to connect with end users. SB 822 will take on ISPs from jamming web traffic in an effort to demand irrational payments from significant services needed to link users on ISP networks across the web. Lastly, it will address the issues regarding zer0-rating wherein ISPs could implement to incite the use of both apps and services to generate profit.

Primarily, SB 822 took a bumpy ride before it passed a smooth road toward the Assembly and the Senate because of a number of lobbyists who want the strict measure to be abolished like what the FCC did to net neutrality. On last Thursday conference, Sen. Wiener said that internet is not only a leisure but already hooked up in the DNA in 2018 America and need to make certain that it stays a level playing field.

Californian citizens are expecting that Gov. Brown will sign the bill to protect his constituents. At the moment, he has not given any hint if he will sign it or not. His office did not disclose any information except saying that the Governor generally does not have a say on imminent legislation.

Every consumer and every internet user need the protection of net neutrality principles. Without it, the right to have an open internet will be abused by large ISPs. In the Decenternet platform, the right of consumers to a free speech is empowered and protected.

Users are provided with unrestricted access to the decentralized and centralized web. It thus enables them to interconnect online without any restraint. Decenternet does not block, throttle, or engage in any paid prioritization and eliminate the establishment of “slow” and fast lanes. Users are not imposed with higher fees because they are highly incentivized by using the system.

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