BEREC Introduces Customary Principles Over Mobile Network Quality Review

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Mobile network quality is too significant that is why the European Union regulator is keen about the mobile network quality.

The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) has released a wide-spread consultation regarding the quality of mobile networks. The telecoms watchdog recommended some typical regulations to size up mobile network quality. The regulator’s summary common arrangement has been accepted during their meeting in Poland.

The EU’s telecom regulator began buckling down last year establishing a common standard to assess mobile network distinction. Its objective is to give guidelines to the nationwide regulators considering to determine the aspects of a domestic mobile network to notify the public.

In the US, it is the FTC’s task to regulate the principles that mobile companies need to adhere to based on the FCC’s new regulations known as the Restoring Internet Freedom order. It replaced the 2015 Open Internet Order that expired on June 11 which was created during the Obama-era administration.

Mobile companies, particularly AT&T negotiates with the FTC regarding deceiving data plans as complained by subscribers. Mobile carriers, on the other hand, will appeal to the Supreme Court to remove the FTC’s authority to govern mobile carrier’s procedures.

The EU watchdog has been committed with net neutrality since 2010. BEREC delves into the transparency, competition, quality of service, IP interconnection, and quality of service. It probed into traffic management procedures and published studies into how consumers give importance to net neutrality. Likewise, the regulator implemented feedback to the EU institutions amid talks on the Telecoms Single Market Regulation that settled these rules. It even collaborated with India’s TRAI to strengthen net neutrality principles.

BEREC had worked out on common standards that embody technical requirements for keeping an eye on the mobile scope in Europe. Signal predictions are also utilized to estimate its coverage, guarantee the preciseness of coverage details offered to the public with the obtainability and delivering of mobile coverage data.

It also considers the matters to price accumulations following 3 to 4 mobile mergers. This practice of company consolidation decreases the number of mobile operators particularly from four to three. Because of this, prices could increase for end users in short to medium term in spite of countermeasures like the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) access according to BEREC.

BEREC reviews the mergers between Drei and Orange Austria, 3 and O2 Ireland as well as O2 and E-Plus in Germany. Analyzing these mergers will help EU regulators to distinguish better the probable effect of mobile consolidations and provisions carried out on the combining mobile companies.

Meanwhile, in the US it has been a merger between a mobile and cable company. Just like mobile merging in Europe, it will elevate the price that consumers need to pay for a subscription. Worse is consumers who cannot afford the price hike will be put in the slow lane while subscribers who are well-off are designated in the fast lane. This is a clear example of paid prioritization where there is discrimination regarding internet traffic.

The Decenternet network treats all kinds of content equally. It does not practice favoritism and empowers as well as protects free speech. Internet users are provided with unconstrained access to the decentralized and centralized web.
















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