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 July 20, 2021

By  Brian Forester

In the modern world, developers more and more often come up with universal crypto wallets designed to store digital money. Regardless of the location and time of day, users can have multiple wallets or multiple devices to store bitcoin and protect personal information. One of the most popular crypto wallets is the Copay bitcoin wallet included a classic set of payments.

In general, the Copay bitcoin wallet is a single bitcoin mobile device for storing various cryptocurrencies and a convenient tool for controlling crypto funds. Below is a detailed overview of this Copay wallet, which also allows you to get acquainted with the Bitpay wallet app and, in general, with the entire Bitpay wallet system. This Bitpay wallet system also has an open-source code, several options for bitcoin wallets, and a feature-rich app across the board. Carefully read the information about the Copay app and Bitpay wallet to be a professional in your field.

Copay bitcoin wallet: main info

Despite the variety of mobile devices and cryptocurrency wallets, it is necessary to distinguish all popular types. In this context, the most attractive for buyers is the Copay wallet for storing bitcoin (as an open-source project). This bitcoin wallet is a product of Bitpay Inc, the bitcoin processing system. The Copay wallet appeared in 2015 thanks to the company Bitpay. The developers of this Bitpay system became one of the first who decided to provide various cryptocurrency services and accept payments in bitcoin.

Copay project remains the leader among other wallets and allows you to work with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and stable coins. It is noteworthy that users can have a bitcoin address (multiple accounts) to work with crypto assets and integrate hardware devices. Moreover, such a wallet allows you to make multi-signatures for intuitive multi-signature security.

As already mentioned, Copay wallet provides users with the open-source key through the Github system. Surprisingly, all data about the Copay app, functionality, and even transactions are presented here. To download Bitpay feature-rich app, use the Google Play Store, officially supported by the Internet. By the way, the developers care about the customers, so here you can also leave your wishes or complaints to optimize the Bitpay app or the Copay bitcoin wallet. Indeed, it is a positive alternative as a customizable wallet with a wide range of features.

Bitcoin wallet functionality

Let’s look at all functionality and features of the Copay crypto device to better understanding this system.

  • Firstly, there is the multi-signature wallet option. The use of a multi-signature wallet provides people with super-strong security to receive funds in the wallet. When making a transaction, you must sign it using private keys. This approach eliminates the possibility of theft, hacking, and misdemeanors.
  • The second point is the HD wallet, which allows you to generate any private keys and an address for the Copay account. What is the advantage of this feature? Users do not need to store a huge number of codes. The developed mechanism offers derived keys from the most important one. Finally, you can also use the mnemonic phrases option. When you register your address and go through multi-signature, you can write down a keyword of 12 words (as a QR-code). This method allows you to store all data and funds without access by unauthorized persons. The mnemonic phrase provides easy access, opens an account, and controls the money. Meanwhile, you may create multiple wallets in one Copay app.

Pros and cons: Bitpay wallet app and Copay system

Crypto companies release different wallets and apps, and that’s why users should be able to tell the best device from the worst. As for the Copay bitcoin wallet, its features preserve the continuity of the Bitpay cryptocurrency payment system, which appeared in 2011. One of its first products was the Bitpay crypto wallet, in which the developers sought to ensure maximum security. Copay appeared later as a more modern alternative to the company’s first wallet. Initially, implementing the best Bitpay solutions while simplifying the product as much as possible was the goal of the Copay developers.

1) Advantages

So what are the advantages of the Copay project?

  • Ability to add favorite addresses to the address book
  • Support for more than 100 fiat currencies
  • Ability to change color parameters
  • Address generation
  • Creating additional passwords
  • Push notifications about all payments via email
  • One app with Bitcoin wallets
  • Easy to use interface and the recent version

The Bitpay wallet app is similar to Copay wallet in many ways, as they have a similar development base. However, the Copay bitcoin wallet is a recent version for users, and it works on the following platforms: iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux. People may also install a plugin for Chrome. Thanks to advanced technologies, you may control and send funds through transactions, withdraw cash and make a payment on a receipt. No one has access to your money stored locally in the wallet. However, do not forget to back up your data just in case. It minimizes the risks and strengthens your peace of mind.

The most important advantage is the source key since Copay is an open-source project. This feature is associated with the security of clients, especially transaction information. Within this wallet, secure Bitpay’s funds operate, which is responsible for the safety of your assets. By the way, the developers have also implemented easily identifiable payment requests, thanks to which it is impossible to track the balance. Finally, the last thing to say is the transaction speed of the payment and transaction fees. The Copay service offers an acceptable fee amount so that users do not think negatively about the company. It is the best option for paying for the use of services.

2) Drawbacks

Regarding the disadvantages of the Bitpay wallet app related to Copay wallet, it is worth noting centralized verification (control by third-party servers). Also, some users, according to reviews, specify the lack of work with proxy servers. In addition, a beginner will need time to master the functionality of the platform.

In general, there were no serious incidents with the Bitpay wallet app, as with Copay, and the payment service itself has been working for a long time and serves tens of thousands of users. Internal methods of protection in the wallet ensure the safety of funds from direct interference from the company.

Creating multiple wallets

Before you can fully use the interface and services of the Copay bitcoin wallet, you need to download the app and install the crypto wallet. You need to use the links of the official website, where there are detailed instructions for downloading. The Copay system (as the Bitpay app) automatically creates a simplified wallet, so you will not have any difficulties. A nice bonus is Copay’s speed of wallet and app (no more than ten seconds).

Registering a Copay wallet is a standard procedure. Fill in all fields indicating the owners and their details. After that, specify the email address to get the latest news of the service. For security, you need to write down the mnemonic phrase and store it in a safe place. Finally, start setting up the basic functionality for transactions with the Copay crypto assets.

Download process

Carefully read the step-by-step instructions for downloading the Bitpay wallet app related to the Copay system.

After completing all points, your Copay wallet and the app itself are ready to use. You can download the Bitpay wallet app via the Google Play Store to verify the legality of this system.

Types of wallets

On the official website of the Bitpay wallet app and the Copay system, there is information about the types of wallets for storing Bitpay or Copay cryptos. There is a personal wallet for which you need to enter only its name without keywords and password.

You can form shared wallets for a family or within a company. Only invited people will have access to it, and these invitations are limited in number. To join a shared wallet, click the appropriate button and enter an invitation.

Thus, the latter type of Bitpay wallet is more interesting than the others since more than one user can own it. It allows private companies and firms to optimize and simplify their work.

Bitcoin payment protocol

One of the main priorities of the Bitpay wallet app is the versatility of Copay devices. Therefore, for a universal operation of this wallet, the developers created the payment protocol. The bitcoin payment protocol is a method by which the traditional procedure of sending transactions is scrapped for a based model. This option provides easy spending proposal flow, and the Bitpay wallet system itself works even faster.

Transaction via the Bitpay payment system

Perhaps the simplest function of Copay is making a transaction. For this, you need to use the “send and receive” section. One client enters a specific amount and sends assets, and the second user receives them.

Final words

To sum up, the Bitpay wallet app related to the Copay system is a common and successful application for users. In the world of cryptocurrencies, these models are in demand and present an excellent interface with navigation. Thanks to the interactive website, you will solve all problems and get answers to your questions. The price-quality ratio is decent, so the review of such a wallet is positive.


What is a Copay wallet?

Copay wallet app is a multi-functional crypto wallet that allows you to keep your assets and all data safe. Such devices minimize the risks of losing information and related materials, and the user can sell and buy cryptocurrencies.

What is the difference between the Bitpay app and –°opay?

The Bitpay app was launched as a Bitpay supported distribution. Like Copay, Bitpay wallet is an open project with different functionality. The difference between the two systems is that the Copay app is not available in the Google Play Store. Besides, Copay is a more advanced model.

How do I restore my Copay wallet?

To restore the wallet, you must enter the 12-code phrase that users initially come up with for security. This option allows you to quickly recreate all data and cryptocurrencies, despite the loss of the wallet.

What is the best Bitcoin wallet?

In general, there are many different wallets for storing bitcoins. The choice of the best depends on the preferences and wishes of the user. For the current year, the best wallet is the Coinbase and Trezor product.

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