Korean Bank To Provide Bitcoin Remittance Service

If there is one area where the fiat system has always struggled, it is cross border remittance. Relatively high costs, slow and...
November 17, 2016

Blockchain Startups Expect Profit From Marijuana Election Results

Tuesday saw eight of nine states, where cannabis legislation was on the ballot, approve initiatives for cannabis regulation eit...
November 15, 2016

India’s Best Solution For A Cashless Society

If the Indian government wants to go for a cashless society, Bitcoin is the key. This Tuesday Indian Prime Minister Narendra Mo...
November 11, 2016

Bitcoin Price Soars To 3% On Trump’s Victory

The digital currency joins gold as a safe haven. The shocking news of Donald Trump’s election victory rattled markets across th...
November 10, 2016

Indian Bitcoin Exchange UNOCOIN Reveals APIs, Partners Blockstream For Remittance

Have you heard about UNOCOIN ? It is, so far, most popular bitcoin exchange and wallet provider in India. It was even dubbed as...
November 8, 2016

China’s Bitcoin Miners Reveal HUGE PROFIT In Bigger-Block Blockchain

It looks like Chinese Bitcoin miners are eyeing a huge profit in bigger-block blockchain. It was not entirely an idle joke when...
November 7, 2016

ChronoBank’s Newest Cryptocurrency Based Recruitment Website Is Now Open To Serve

Time-based cryptocurrency initiative ChronoBank has launched its new website, aiming to raise awareness for its coming multi-bl...
November 4, 2016
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