Other US States Legislate Own Data Privacy Laws Against Information Breach

California is not the only US state that legislated its own laws against information breach. You might not be aware but other U...
July 16, 2019

Sling TV Joins the Cable TV Price Increase Bandwagon

Net neutrality repeal is now slowly crouching to every consumer’s cable TV. Americans will no longer enjoy the programs they us...
July 6, 2019

Best Ways To Protect Your Privacy Online

How must you protect your privacy online? People need to think that joining such platforms as Facebook and any other social med...
July 5, 2019

California Privacy Bill Advances In Trend With EU’s Data Privacy Law

It seems like the world is now focused on data privacy rather than net neutrality. A new privacy bill has been introduced to ad...
June 28, 2019

BEREC Introduces Customary Principles Over Mobile Network Quality Review

Mobile network quality is too significant that is why the European Union regulator is keen about the mobile network quality. Th...
June 25, 2019

Untold Effect Of New European Copyright Rules

In Europe, net neutrality is not just about blocking, throttling, paid prioritization, or zero rating. A committee just legaliz...
June 23, 2019

California Integrates Net Neutrality Bills For A Powerful Regulation Crippling ISPs

Maybe combining two net neutrality bills is not such a bad idea after all. Democrats used to have a different perception about ...
June 20, 2019

Tom Wheeler Dares Ajit Pai To Endorse House Vote On Congressional Review Act

It’s a clash between the former and current FCC chair as Tom Wheeler dares Ajit Pai to press on a House vote to void his own de...
June 9, 2019

Senate Democrats Push House Speaker Schedule Vote For Resolution

The repeal is fast approaching and Senate Democrats are doing everything to stop it from taking place. Senate Democrats are per...
June 9, 2019

Millions Of Pilfered Identities Exploited For Fabrication Of Net Neutrality Opinions

Millions of people are not aware that their identities have been stolen in the wake of net neutrality nullification.  It was re...
May 25, 2019
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