Power Ledger Review 

 July 20, 2021

By  Brian Forester

Power Ledger (also known as POWR project) has become universally famous recently. Traders have become interested in trading and purchasing POWR tokens, too. If you want to know more about a cryptocurrency that was mentioned a lot in the latest news about crypto investments, you will find this article useful. Power Ledger token (or POWR) is also a cheap cryptocurrency, which makes it a good option for non-experienced investors to begin with. Keep reading and find answers to all your questions below.

Main Information About Power Ledger

Let us consider the major points that make Power Ledger stand out:

  • Power Ledger (POWR) is a project that was created and developed by numerous professionals and experts in various spheres like IT, business, and energy consumption. The project’s creators aimed to make a startup for financing modern energy sources that are considered independent. That is why the software of Power Ledger is the most important aspect of the project. You may wonder how the software of the network is related to the energy issue. The developers of Power Ledger did everything possible to distribute energy sources among users and make the network effective with the minimal use of energy.
  • It is hard to believe that, but on Power Ledger (POWR), you can trade excess energy sources by any kind of buildings (both multi-apartment residential and commercial ones). Undoubtedly, traders who use Power Ledger can enjoy their opportunity to control the energy being used and contribute to conscious consumption. All the well-known features of already existing networks are also presented in this project.
  • It seems like the company has a bright future since many chances for further development are provided by third-party energy companies that have taken part in the project establishment.
  • Another significant feature of Power Ledger is that it provides a wide variety of services such as progressive management applications, including the P2P client, which allows large companies to conduct trading activities within the framework based on Blockchain. While using Power Ledger for trading or purchasing cryptocurrency, it is also possible to use a Blockchain application.
  • The Power Ledger platform has a unique feature that allows you to control units of energy during the whole process starting from the generation up to their consumption. The process is based on generating and selling power resources via a local energy network.
  • The Power Ledger platform uses Blockchain technology. POWR tokens and grip energy resources are mixed together on the same network. Moreover, transactions go along with energy consumption points. As a result of this, a perfect network for crypto trading and investing in modern renewable energy resources. Luckily, the design of the network is user-friendly, which makes difficult operations easy to complete. The usage of a distribution network provides the security to make all transactions safe.
  • The Power Ledger (POWR) creators have been focused on renewable energy sources and have made it possible to make money from some excess energy left. Thus, the platform also provides a base for investing in technological progress. 

The Power Ledger team consists of three main early investors in the project. First of all, Dr. Jemma Green should be mentioned. Dr. Green is an executive chairman. John Bulich is a technical director and co-founder of the project. Dr. Bill Tai is a global ambassador and advisor of the company.

Key Features of Power Ledger

In this section, we will have a look at all the essential features of Power Ledger and POWR altcoin that you should know about. To begin with, the Power Ledger system is based on making energy resources available using A Blockchain system.

Below you will find further information on the features of the platform.

  • The first significant feature is P2P trading. What does it refer to? Power Ledger is a platform on which sellers and buyers can agree on the type and amount of energy resources, the price, and some circumstances of a trade;
  • The network is extremely powerful, and it allows users to make various transactions. There are also the measurement of energy resources, information, and system management processes going on;
  • Power Ledger has an option for joint disposal and trading energy resources with the distribution of revenues at the user addresses;
  • There is also an innovative program that is used for processing transactions’ data immediately called OCPR;
  • Another feature of the platform that provides great protection in case of hacker attacks is called believe point. It is also responsible for the automatization of the processes;
  • If you look for a feature that will ensure you that there is a good connection between transactions and the Blockchain technology, you will be happy to know that Power Ledger includes carbon trading in the system;
  • Just to name a few other advantages, we will cover the great quality of the network and its design, fast processing of users’ information, easy process of reporting a problem, and support services;
  • Neo-retail trade is a smart service that ensures the profitability of the platform.

Power Ledger Applications

The Power Ledger platform is a network that is powerful enough for the majority of renewable energy operations to be performed correctly. Therefore, market price management and carbon trading can be found effortlessly on the platform. We have prepared a list of all existing applications that are suitable for Power Ledger.

1. µGrid

  • µGrid is suitable for major users like apartment buildings or shopping malls to control their energy usage;
  • Power Ledger deals with the problem of installing solar panels on apartment buildings since now residents can share and sell energy produced by them. Therefore, more people will be happy to invest in renewable energy to get a later profit.

2. C6

  • C6 is helpful in the verification and measuring of both renewable energy and carbon credits;
  • With C6, it is possible to receive automatically generated reports for a small electric vehicle or a massive petrochemical plant;
  • C6 is also linked with C6+ to create one system for monitoring carbon and renewable energy credits.

3. C6+

  • C6+ is an exchange that also used for trading of renewable energy credits and carbon credits;
  • All around the world, many governments start to require Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). The majority of REC programs are now paper-based, but Power Ledger’s goal is to make it possible for RECs to be traded on any exchange;
  • Renewable energy markets are now experiencing monopolization from major market players. This may lead to electricity market disruption. C6+ will hopefully deal with this problem by allowing minor companies to enter the power market;
  • As a result, C6+ developers hope to see a drop in costs and faster sales in the energy markets.

4. PPA Vision

  • PPA Vision is an information management service and settlement system that makes it easy to monitor sold power units;
  • Data collected is put on an accessible dashboard. There you will find completed transactions between sellers and consumers, remittance of the power units sold, an analysis of the transaction data, and many more options;
  • Usually, on traditional metering networks, many problems connected to the delay of the power transaction or a loss of money may occur.

5. xGrid

  • xGrid was created to allow individuals to sell power units that belong to them easily. People can sell energy that was collected by solar panels on the electricity grid. So, xGrid is a great grid management service;
  • This service is extremely popular now since people have begun to care a lot about the environment. Those who want to be eco-friendly have already thought about the way to install solar panels on their residential building to store energy;
  • Moreover, xGrid makes it possible for everyone to have access to rather cheap renewable energy sources;
  • Solar batteries also help the energy retailer manage the risk of the price drop and rise.

6. VPP 2.0

  • VPP 2.0 application allows renewable energy producers to sell electricity. To get the biggest profit, it should be done during the peak demand;
  • The application also provides power companies with readily available capacity. Customers can get returns very quickly.

Future of Power Ledger

When talking about cryptocurrencies, it is impossible to predict their future development. Nobody in the world can tell you how much exactly a token will cost. However, some experienced specialists have worked on creating prediction algorithms that are supposed to make trading easier because you can have a look at the approximate price for the next months and years. The predictions are based on analyzing previous trends on the market for this altcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  So let’s study the Power Ledger (POWR) price predictions.

Here we present you a summary of short- and long-term predictions:

  • In one day, the price will be 0.364468 USD (+11.2%);
  • In one week, the price will be 0.390583 USD (+20.2%);
  • In one month, the price will be 0.248614 USD (-27.5%);
  • In six months, the price will be 0.525840 USD (+57.9%);
  • In one year, the price will be 0.383745 (+69.73%);
  • In two years, the price will be 0.739989 (+123.81%);
  • In three years, the price will be 1.080057 (+228.36%);
  • In four years, the price will be 1.782721 (+411.39%);
  • In five years, the price will be 2.898050 (+777.46%).

Current POWR Cost

In this section, we will cover the current price for POWR altcoin. At this moment, one Power Ledger costs approximately $0.28 on the majority of cryptocurrency exchange services. If you are interested in exchanging POWR for other cryptocurrencies, you can buy one Power Ledger (POWR) for 0.00000742 Bitcoins. The market capitalization of all Power Ledger currency available equals $122.39 million. An all-time high of POWR was $1.89 on 7th January in 2018.


How does Power Ledger make money?

Power Ledger (POWR) is a decentralized energy exchange platform. It includes various energy applications on one platform. The goal of the company is to sell surplus renewable energy within existing electricity distribution networks or micro-grids. POWR tokens provide access to the service, allowing the application hosts access to various features such as P2P. Another token called Sparkz is used in transactions to ensure the security of the private keys and worldwide electricity synchronization. Users can convert POWR tokens to Sparks when they have received access to the Power Ledger ecosystem.

Is Power Ledger a good investment in 2021?

The future of the Power Ledger project seems to be bright. However, experts might predict different trends concerning the increase or the decrease in the POWR price. We have collected the general results and opinions and have presented them in the article above. If we can give you a piece of investment advice, we will recommend you to purchase POWR tokens because it looks like this investment might bring you a lot of money within the next few years.

How to Buy Power Ledger?

Not all cryptocurrencies can be purchased with dollars. To buy Power Ledger within a few minutes, first, you have to buy Bitcoin with the help of BlockFi or Coinbase. After that, exchange Bitcoin for POWR token. You can do it on Binance, for instance. Other cryptocurrencies can be bought there, too.

How do I invest in Power Ledger?

To invest in Power Ledger, you should start by purchasing POWR coins. You will also need the Power Ledger wallet software that you can download on its website. To ensure security, you can store your cryptocurrencies on the Power Ledger wallet such as Ledger Nano X. You may also use a mobile wallet such as Atomic Wallet or Jaxx.

In conclusion, Power Ledger (POWR) is a very good option for investing and trading. The service is well-developed and offers some unique options connected to using excess power resources, which makes it an interoperable energy trading platform. Power Ledger unites an energy sector with cryptocurrencies. If you still have some questions after reading the whole article or you want to conduct your own research, you can visit the official Power Ledger website.

Brian Forester

Brian is an experienced journalist and crypto enthusiast. Founder of CryptoCurry - famed for his insightful input on the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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