The Bitcoin Knots: a new version of the Bitcoin Core 

 July 20, 2021

By  Brian Forester

Bitcoin Knots Software Project is another software in the Bitcoin network. Its development began in 2011. Bitcoin Knots accelerated in March 2021, when two major companies Wasabi Wallet and Bull Bitcoin (Canadian exchange) announced a large donation in favor of the new Bitcoin node. The companies decided to split equally their financial support.

The donors noted the need for financial compensation for the development of the open-source wallet software project. Do you want to know in-depth what is Bitcoin Knots? Keep reading!

What is Bitcoin Knots?

Among other Bitcoin wallets, Bitcoin Knots is one of a few alternative implementationsto the popular Bitcoin Core software. One of the advantages of the program is that it includes both Bitcoin node and wallet software.

Bitcoin Knots contains some additional features. These features make it easier for node users to do some Bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin Knots cannot be considered an independent Bitcoin node, since it is a version of the Bitcoin Core. It is an alternative version of the wallet software based on open-source tech.

In short, the Bitcoin Knots cryptocurrency wallet is derived from the main official wallet because it is based on its own code. The wallet is almost similar to the original version, but it has its distinctive features. Let’s take a closer look at the installation of the Bitcoin Knots wallet and how to use it to conduct various types of transactions.

The Bitcoin Knots features

Bitcoin Knots is a Bitcoin open-source development that is installed on a laptop computer. The app includes both a Bitcoin node and wallet software, which is convenient for users. Thanks to the integration of the wallet software, the Bitcoin network becomes more accessible and user-friendly. The program will work as a local wallet but there is no mobile version. It belongs to a group of thick wallets, so it requires a full load of the Blockchain on your PC. It also provides a high level of user security.

It is a complete Bitcoin node software with a cryptocurrency wallet. As another software implementation of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Knots makes transaction verification processes easier for an average user. The user receives their own Bitcoin wallet that allows them to conduct the entire range of operations with cryptocurrency.

Pursuing open-source tech, the developer of the wallet software Luke Dashjr advocates that updates are carried out by Bitcoin node operators. Recall that miners often do this on the Bitcoin network. Here we are talking about the Taproot technology, which aims to expand the capabilities of smart contracts and increase the confidentiality of transactions. The idea is that users will only interact with blocks that work with Taproot support and reject blocks that do not accept this new soft.

Strengths of the Bitcoin Knots wallet

Among the key advantages of Bitcoin Knots are the following:

  • Advanced functionality while working in the network.
  • High level of wallet security (it does not sync with servers and does not save keys and passwords).
  • Users retain full control over cryptocurrency transactions.
  • The app has two-factor authentication.

The weaknesses of the Bitcoin Knots wallet

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Knots:

  • The program has not yet been tested thoroughly, so errors can occur in the work.

The Bitcoin Knots Step-by-Step Installation Guide

To create a Bitcoin Knots Russian wallet, you need to go to the official site https://bitcoinknots.org/, where you can download the installation file. Also, you can do it through the site https://bitcoin.org/ru/choose-your-wallet.

Next, consider in more detail how to install the Bitcoin Knots wallet on your PC:

  1. On the official site of Bitcoin.org, the user is offered a choice of wallets, among which you will see the icon for Bitcoin Knots;
  2. Then click on the icon of this wallet;
  3. Click the “Visit Site” button to go to the Bitcoin Knots website;
  4. Now you need to select the type of system, depending on the characteristics of your PC, to download the installation file;
  5. The process of downloading the installation archive will start. Right after, you need to open and activate the executable file – this will install the Bitcoin Knots wallet on your PC.

When the process is completed, and you can use the program to store Bitcoins or to transfer funds to other recipients.

How to Secure a Bitcoin Kconnots Wallet

Keeping a cryptocurrency in any wallet can be risky and dangerous if you do not protect the program from the risk of hacking.

The main rule of security is not to reveal your private keys to anyone. But this is not enough for protecting Bitcoins.

Speaking directly about Bitcoin Knots, the following security measures are relevant:

  • Use a two-factor authentication system to log into your account;
  • Create a backup of the entire program content and use encryption;
  • Work only on trusted exchanges.

The Bitcoin Knots wallet

Since it is only a derivative of Bitcoin Core, in addition, it has not yet been fully tested, it is too early to make serious conclusions. Bitcoin Core with all its improvements can be an excellent alternative to its predecessor, but for this, developers need to complete it and eliminate the risk of errors. The future will show users how much this wallet can be functional and efficient for work. In the meantime, you can try it in the form in which it is available for download.

More Information about a Developer and Donators

The idea of Bitcoin Knots came from one of the members of the Bitcoin Core team, Luke Dashjr. Later, two large companies, namely Wasabi Wallet and Bull Bitcoin, became sponsors of the wallet software developed by Luke Dashjr. As a basis, Luke took the source code of the Bitcoin Core wallet, which he finalized and improved. In 2014, the author of the project changed the approach to the development of the wallet and launched Bitcoin Knots on a new stable version. The name of the app has an interesting biblical reference, according to Bitcoin Magazine.

Supporting open source development does not always bring profit to the creators, so the sponsors decided to support a promising project. Now there are multiple client implementations maintained by different programmers, and the companies decided to provide financial support for one of these initiatives. Bull Bitcoin CEO Francis Pouliot is convinced that programmers cannot contribute indefinitely without other donations.

Since March 2021, Bitcoin Knotes has been sponsored by these two large companies which aimed to generally support open-source wallet software. Wasabi Wallet and Bull Bitcoin made a joint donation and shared their contribution equally. In total, they donated about 40 thousand dollars for the development of the new wallet software.

Wasabi Wallet is a Bitcoin privacy wallet for storing cryptocurrencies. This is a private company that created software so that users can receive and spend Bitcoin by managing accounts on their computer. Open-source Wasabi Wallet is free and includes a Tor, which allows users to hide the addresses and personal data. The system guarantees protection and the correct direction of each node users signal.

Bull Bitcoin is a Canadian Bitcoin Exchange. The platform allows users to retain full control over their private keys when they buy, sell, or spend Bitcoin. All Bitcoin transactions received by the Canadian Bitcoin Exchange are verified using nodes in addition to the verifications independently performed by Cyphernode’s Bitcoin Core integration.


What is the fastest Bitcoin wallet?

A lot has been written on this topic, and each blog post will offer you its answer to this question. It is impossible to answer it definitively because the wallet speed depends on the efficiency of your computer or phone as well as on the volume of the transaction (the larger the transaction and the higher the commission, the faster it will pass).

Also, the speed depends on the type of wallet. If hardware wallets (look like a flashcard) are more reliable but require a connection to a computer or laptop, then software applications are suitable for fast transfers of small amounts of cryptocurrency. We would advise you to pay attention to the reliability of the wallet in its interaction with the Bitcoin node. It is the quality that guarantees the safety of your funds.

Is Bitcoin Knots Safe to Send Money?

Since the app includes both node and wallet software and has two-factor authentication, it is quite secure for sending funds. The program does not synchronize with the servers, does not save the keys and password. The app has a backup function that is a must-have item for every user. The wallet changes the account address with each transaction, making it difficult to track user payments.

What is the Bitcoin Core Wallet?

It is the primary implementation of the first cryptocurrency, the official app, and the large part of nodes run. Its authors are different developers of the Bitcoin Foundation. Over the years, the cypherpunks write code and improve the application. Thanks to past contributions and ongoing improvements this wallet software remains one of the fastest and most reliable today.

However, as we can see, the app is not one such single point; there are many alternative programs involving both node and wallet software. Many developers offer their own wallet software projects, and the user will have to choose the most convenient and secure app for storing and exchanging cryptocurrency.

Brian Forester

Brian is an experienced journalist and crypto enthusiast. Founder of CryptoCurry - famed for his insightful input on the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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