Best Bitcoin Casinos 

 July 15, 2021

By  Brian Forester

If you consider yourself to be one of the “true” players, a real gambler, you are most likely aware of what casino games are. Traditional casinos, which require personal presence, like those in Las Vegas and Monaco, introduce provably fair games, having their own established wagering requirements. Their deposit options are usually based on fiat currencies. Hardly there will you meet a deposit bonus or some “free spins” in such casinos — you come and play with what you have, and “the winner takes it all.”

The situation is slightly different with online casinos, which also have their own wagering requirements. Very often, you receive welcome bonuses, which serve to inspire you to keep playing. Game providers are interested in you spending as much time on their gambling site as possible.

This article will be devoted to so-called bitcoin gambling sites, or, to be more precise, the best bitcoin casinos you can spend some time at playing casino games. Cryptocurrency is no longer a strange or unexpected payment method for casino games, as bitcoin gambling sites are becoming more and more popular. Some of them provide a first deposit bonus, some do not, but all of the casino sites mentioned in the article introduce provably fair games.

We do not want you to visit some fake crypto gambling sites, for which “provably fair games” is the term intentionally forgotten and ignored. Our rating introduces real bitcoin casinos with provably fair games. Those bitcoin casino sites mentioned in this rating are those you can trust. Many of these crypto casinos have customer support, welcome bonuses and promotions, free spins for players, and numerous slot games. After you win, you can even convert your bitcoin payoff to fiat currencies if you want.

At this point, let us introduce the rating of the 6 best bitcoin casinos known in the bitcoin gambling industry.

8 Best Bitcoin Casinos With Provably Fair Games

Number 1: 7Bit Casino

This bitcoin casino is a popular choice for bitcoin players from different countries, and yet, some gambling players might not have access to it. This problem concerns players from such countries as the USA, United Kingdom, Italy, and some others.

This casino is one of those bitcoin casinos which provide a lavish first deposit bonus: if you are a new player, you will get up to 1.5 bitcoin (this is a 100% welcome bonus) and numerous free spins (up to 200 free spins will be available for you). On the second and the third deposit, you will most likely get bonuses as well.

This casino site allows dealing with bitcoin and ethereum, dogecoin, and litecoin as possible payment methods. If you are interested in why this casino rating includes this platform, we recommend checking this review for more details.

Number 2: Cloudbet

Cloudbet is one of the best bitcoin gambling sites with provably fair games.

First of all, it recently created a betting option for those interested in sports, such as football or tennis. You can use your bitcoin reserve to bet on EPL or UEFA and thus increase your bitcoin reserve!

Secondly, this gambling site does not function only on bitcoin. It accepts such other cryptocurrencies as ethereum, chainlink, Paxos, and some others, which you check when visiting their casino site.

Thirdly, they have high-level protection of the bitcoin reserve for their players. Each players’ deposit key is kept in offline storage — this is a smart security solution for the casino account. This also allows easier and quicker withdrawals. Thus, this casino site did its best to take care of your deposits and withdrawals.

You will also get a deposit bonus of up to 5 bitcoin units — not all bitcoin gambling sites provide such a generous offer, not to mention a huge number of casino games available to you: slot games, blackjack, and many others. Moreover, they provide real-life table games for a deeper gambling experience.

If you still doubt whether this is one of the casino sites that deserves your attention or not, check our detailed review on Cloudbet.

Number 3: mBit

This best bitcoin casino is attractive for players because it provides a 110% deposit bonus. But, cryptocurrency is the only deposit solution on this gambling site. Many casino sites provide 150 free spins at first — but mBit is two times more generous: it gives 300 free spins for the players. This bitcoin casino makes an accent on anonymous betting, so gambling players do not have to worry about the safety of their casino account. Keeping the bitcoin account in security is the prevailing point for each player, and this crypto gambling platform ensures it.

The number of bitcoin games available on mBit is rather surprising — more than 2000 games, including slot games, can be tried by the gambling players.

Number 4: Fortune Jack

The next crypto gambling platform in our improvised rating is FortuneJack. It will have a high trust value among players if we create a trust rating of all bitcoin gambling sites. This is one of those online casinos which gambling players usually consider to be provably fair. This bitcoin casino provides jackpot slots, and there is even a chance to get your personal “lucky number,” and this opportunity is hardly available on many bitcoin gambling sites.

Another valuable among gambling players feature of this bitcoin casino is that, in fact, it is not only a “bitcoin casino.” Players have the opportunity to use such cryptocurrencies for their deposits and withdrawals as Litecoin, Dogecoin, mentioned earlier in the text as a payment method, some others as well. But bitcoin remains one of the most popular deposit choices among the majority of players.

This bitcoin casino also provides a strong customer support system, so players do not have to worry about their casino account. Everything is always under the control of the casino itself.

This bitcoin casino has a verification step, after which players can get their first deposit bonus, or, better say, first deposit cashback equal to 20%. The actual first deposit bonus available on this provably fair bitcoin casino is 110% up to 1.5 bitcoin.

Number 5: Stake

This bitcoin casino is famous for its security and customers’ support policy. This gambling platform values the trust of the players. That is why the customer support system is functioning 24/7. You will not be worried about your bitcoin account. Stake bitcoin casino provides total anonymity, which is sometimes even a more valuable feature than welcome bonuses.

Speaking of the payment method, this bitcoin casino deals with bitcoin units and ethereum, litecoin, Tron, and many other payment options available on this gambling platform. You can always convert your payoff to fiat currencies if you want.

An important issue concerning this bitcoin casino is connected with a shallow house edge, equal to just 1% (depending on the casino games players choose). This point is especially engaging and might sound even more attractive than some deposit bonuses.

Unfortunately, this bitcoin casino is closed for players from the USA, Australia, and the Czech Republic. However, players from other countries and regions are always waiting on this gambling platform to play provably fair games.

Number 6: Bitstarz

Our improvised rating ends with the most popular bitcoin casino — Bitstarz. Despite the fact that players cannot bet on this gambling platform, this bitcoin casino still provides 3000+ casino games, including poker games, slot games, and many other types of gambling games known in the gambling industry. Some gambling players call it to be the best bitcoin casino among multiple other crypto casinos on the Internet because it ensures provably fair bitcoin games (and not only bitcoin, by the way).

Bitcoin casino Bitstarz provides different payment options, dealing with such non-fiat currencies as Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other payment methods — players can choose from a wide variety, and, what really matters is the fact that even if players do not obtain bitcoins, they still can get deposit bonuses, use free spins and enjoy other opportunities provided by this crypto casino.

This bitcoin casino has a well-developed customer support system. They provide it even via Reddit, which means that their customer—game providers’ communication is rather strong.

This crypto casino guarantees the first deposit bonus for the newcomers, which is also a rather attractive feature when the case concerns provably fair bitcoin casinos.

Follow this link to learn more about the Bitstarz bitcoin casino: its deposit bonuses and promotions, free spins available, personal account issues, and wagering requirements. We provide our rating of bitcoin casinos with detailed reviews so that you had a chance to create your own rating of online casinos since characteristics of the “best bitcoin casino” might vary in accordance with individual desires.

Number 7: Bitcasino

Bitcasino is the only non-provably fair bitcoin casino in our rating. This bitcoin gambling platform contains numerous casino games (more than 3000), including poker games, slot games, table games, and many other possible kinds of money games interesting for gambling players.

In this bitcoin casino, you receive the first deposit bonus — 100 free spins if you choose to play casino games on this gambling platform. However, bitcoin payments are not the only applicable payments in this bitcoin casino. You can use other payment methods if you want: Litecoin, Ethereum, Tron, and so on. For more details on payment options, we recommend players check the site of bitcoin casino on their own.

Number #8: Bitcoin.com Games

The final best bitcoin casino from our rating is Bitcoin.com Games. This bitcoin casino can really be called a provably fair online casino, despite the fact that the amount of available dealer games here is not big for now.

This bitcoin gambling platform ensures total anonymity in case you are worried about your personal bitcoin account.

This bitcoin gambling site has some casino games to choose from Video Poker games, Roulette, many other dealer games. If you choose this bitcoin casino, you will automatically get a first deposit bonus — this is something you receive for sure. But, for better or for worse, you can deposit only bitcoin or bitcoin cash, which means that there are not too many payment methods here.

This improvised rating includes only the best bitcoin casino options; however, our rating might differ from your “best bitcoin casino” rating because tastes do indeed differ. Some bitcoin casinos are attractive because of the number of free spins they provide, some are valued for the first deposit bonuses, and some gambling sites just have a pleasant user interface. Anyway, we hope that our rating helped you define the best bitcoin casino for yourself.

If you read this article, devoted to online casinos from the United States, you are most likely interested in solving the problem of the limited access to the bitcoin casinos in your living area.

Here is an additional short “rating” for players looking for the casino sites available in the US:

  • Bitcoin Casino

BitcoinCasino.us is a provably fair online casino for local players. It provides a deposit bonus — 100% (up to 1 bitcoin unit). In the general rating, this crypto casino is valued as approximately 4.5 rating units out of 5.

  • 24VIP Casino

24VIP Casino is a non-provably fair bitcoin casino available in the US. It encourages players with a deposit bonus equal to 300% (for bitcoin deposits and withdrawals). It has 4 units out of 5 in the general rating of bitcoin casinos.

  • Bitcoin Penguin

The last (but not the least) casino in this list is a provably fair crypto casino Bitcoin Penguin. It provides a deposit bonus — 100% (up to 1 bitcoin unit). In the overall rating of such sort of gambling sites, this online casino gets nearly 4.5 stars out of 5.

These are our top-3 bitcoin casinos available on the territory of the United States. We strongly recommend visiting these casino sites by yourself to get more details concerning the number of free spins they provide (if they do), possible deposit bonuses, the presence of table games, the account security features, payment methods, and the wagering requirement.

The Question Of Legality

This is the question many beginning players ask when they first meet bitcoin casinos. Is it legal to attend bitcoin gambling sites?

Actually, it always depends on the country you live in. According to the legislation of some countries, playing and betting in bitcoin casinos (or any other casinos) is legal, but the government usually taxes these establishments. The fact of accepting bitcoin units by the casino is not supposed to affect its legal status somehow.

Speaking of the United States, the majority of counties permit bitcoin gambling and other forms of gambling on their territories. But taxation policies often make bitcoin casinos refuse to provide the opportunity for their players to bet on sports or any other events.

Thus, generally, playing in casinos is indeed legal.

Important Issues Concerning Your Choice Of The Bitcoin Casino

  • The license and regulations

A licensed and regulated bitcoin casino is the best choice in this case. What does it mean — the casino is licensed? Basically, this is a simple security-ensuring step, valuable for all players. Licensed Bitcoin casinos have a corresponding certificate, which is usually provided on the bitcoin gambling sites in the form of the link in the lower part of the page.

Bitcoin casinos make these certificates to provide their players with the guarantees that the casino, if not cheating, is not lying and is always paying the respective payoff. If the casino deceived the person, one has the right to address a committee (which gave this certificate to the casino) which the complaint.

If the commission which licensed the bitcoin casinos is trustworthy, like the UK gambling commission, you will have your complaint processed, and the certificate of the casino might be taken away. But if the commission is questionable, chances are your complaint will be ignored.

One of the most “treasured” qualities of the modern bitcoin casinos is the ability to supply adequate protection to their players. If casinos do not have appropriate licenses and regulations, they will most likely fail in providing proper customer support.

  • Customer support issue

Those bitcoin casinos which manage to provide constant customer support are considered to be the best gambling establishments. Nowadays, when the majority of online casino games are supported by machines, it is important to keep a human “at hand” if something goes wrong. Hardly will gambling guys want to wait hours if something happens to their deposits and withdrawals.

Usually, bitcoin casinos have a lot of customer support channels. Some of them are functioning 24/7. Online chat is the easiest and fastest way to contact a representative of the casino and ask questions to solve the emerged problem.

  • Payment terms

This point concerns some concrete issues of bitcoin casinos. Among these are:

  • withdrawal and deposit fees
  • payment methods available in this casino
  • minimum payouts

These are the issues you have to get acquainted with before you go to try yourself in casino games. The detailed information is usually placed on the site of these bitcoin casinos — we advise checking the FAQ section for easier searching.

  • Provably fair VS non-provably fair

You always want your casino to be provably fair, but what does it mean? In simple words, this is the issue concerning the “transparency” of the casino functioning mechanisms.

Provably fair bitcoin casinos are always ready to prove that the results you get are totally random. Bitstarz, for example, widely shares that option. This is why we call Bitstarz a provably fair bitcoin casino. Non-provably fair bitcoin casinos fail to guarantee the randomness of the gambling process.

This is also the problem of data and results manipulation. Provably fair casinos prove they are not changing anything during the gambling process via the mathematical algorithm. If you are interested in more detailed information on this topic, follow this link.

Thus, this is probably one of the most important points concerning any casinos: you want your casino games to be performed fair and square. If the casino poses itself as a provably fair one and, what is equally important, can prove it openly by some mathematical algorithm, this is the casino you can trust.

Please, keep in mind these 4 issues when choosing a gambling platform for casino games.

More Bitcoin Casinos For Especially Interested

The casinos which we introduced earlier are not the only available platforms with gambling games.

In the list below, you will be able to find additional smaller casinos, provably fair and non-provably fair, with the details of their functioning.

  • Argo Casino

This platform with gambling games — Argo Casino — provides different payment opportunities, among which the most popular are bitcoin, visa, and a couple of others. When you come here to play casino games, you get a welcome bonus equal to 200 Euros.

This is a non-provably fair casino, and it is now available for users on the territory of the United States (these two factors are not connected). But it has a rather attractive and convenient interface. The casino, however, has its license and regulations.

  • Bovada Casino

This gambling platform — Bovada Casino — is famous for its variety of casino games, including real-life table games as well. This casino also allows betting on different sports events, which is also appreciated by its users.

For the newcomers, this bitcoin gambling platform guarantees a first deposit bonus equal to up to three thousand dollars.

This is also a non-provably fair gambling service, and, unfortunately, it includes a rather extended list of countries for which casino games of this platform are not available. Some gambling sources claim that the US is also included in this list. However, the platform itself does not state so. We recommend all bitcoin gamblers check this site first to find out if their casino games are available in the corresponding countries and, secondly, to obtain details concerning other deposit bonuses, free spins, account-connected issues, and wagering requirement.

Unfortunately, recently this gambling service lost its service, and now its users are no longer under secure gambling conditions.

  • Das Ist Casino

This is an unusual gambling platform, especially in comparison to others, because we can call it half-provably fair half-not. Some casino games here are indeed provably fair, but others are not. You can always check the label “provably fair” before starting a bitcoin game session.

This is a generous bitcoin casino since it gives a first deposit bonus — 100 free spins. Or, every beginner on this bitcoin poker service can get a welcome bonus equal to up to 1.5 bitcoin units. The second deposit and the third deposit are eligible for deposit bonuses of up to 1 bitcoin unit as well.

The variety of available casino games is indeed attractive on this bitcoin gambling platform. Besides online casino games, it provides offline table games as well. Payments can be performed via such currencies as the euro, Russian ruble, bitcoin units.

This bitcoin playing platform has a rather long list of countries “under restrictions,” for which this casino is closed. The list includes:

  • The USA
  • UK
  • Australia
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Israel
  • The Netherlands

Residents of these countries, unfortunately, cannot enjoy their bitcoin casino bonuses and free spins available.

  • 1xBit

This is another half-provably fair casino on our list. On this platform, you can meet numerous games, even real-life games. Sports betting is also available.

Unfortunately, there are several countries for which access to their bitcoin casino bonuses is prohibited. The USA, the United Kingdom, many EU countries do not have the possibility to play games here.

Nowadays, bitcoin is considered to be one of the most popular payment solutions among those who have casino account. But this casino is famous for the wide choice of possible payment options: you can use bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and 15 ore different cryptocurrencies.

The first deposit is encouraged by the 100% welcome bonus of up to 1 bitcoin unit. However, some professional gamblers would be happier to get free spins instead or as a complement to the given deposit bonus.

  • BetChain

Experiences gamblers who spent hours playing various casino games name this casino one of the oldest. BetChain is a provably fair casino, which offers numerous games, starting from traditional slot games and finishing with video poker games. Users tend to trust this casino as it has proper regulations.

The newcomers can enjoy pleasant bitcoin casino bonuses. For example, as a beginner, you might get 200 free spins which are never excess when it comes to bitcoin games. Or, you can get a deposit bonus — 100% of up to one bitcoin unit.

If you live in the United States, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Australia, or Israel — we have bad news for you. Most likely the access to the games of this casino will be prohibited for you.

But, if you checked the condition and you still can play their games, you can use such cryptocurrencies as bitcoin, ethereum, and some others, besides bitcoin, of course.

  • CryptoWild

Another platform for playing gambling games with cryptocurrency is CryptoWild. This is a provably fair casino with more than one thousand games available. You can choose traditional slot sessions or video poker ones if you want.

Just like the majority of casinos, this platform provides newcomers with a welcome bonus equal to up to 1 bitcoin unit and 150 free spins. The second deposit and the third deposit are supported by the deposit bonuses as well — for more details, check their site.

The deposit in this casino can be made via such cryptocurrencies as, obviously, bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and some others.

  • Primedice

Have you ever heard about Primedice casino? If you have not, we are to tell you about it.

Firstly, this casino has a low house edge, equal to 1% only. Secondly, this is a provably fair casino. Thirdly, it provides a wide variety of games that users can enjoy. Fourthly, it has constant chat support, which is highly appreciated by most users.

Primedice casino accepts such cryptocurrencies as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin cash, dogecoin. To create an account, you only need a username, and no more details are obligatory.

  • Oshi Casino

Oshi Casino is a casino that offers various game options, starting from roulette and finishing with video poker. The most “tradable” payment here is bitcoin, and yet, you can use other options as well. The majority of games here are provably fair, and yet, you should check this detail before you start playing.

If bitcoin is your choice of payment, you receive a nice deposit bonus when you start. The first deposit bonus — 100% match up to one and a quarter of the bitcoin unit — is usually a generous offer from casinos. The second deposit and the third deposit also meet a deposit bonus but slightly less generous than the first one. But, what is unusual about this platform is that it provides a fourth deposit with the deposit bonus of 100% match up to one and a quarter of the bitcoin unit, just like the first bonus!

This platform also has a list of countries that do not have access to its options, and, unfortunately, the United States and the United Kingdom are one of them.

  • True Flip

True Flip is a nice half-crypto-half-fiat casino popular all over the world. If you prefer to play using cryptocurrency, this platform suggests such variants as bitcoin, eth, litecoin, doge, and some others as well.

This service provides a deposit bonus for the first deposit, the second deposit, the third deposit, and the fourth deposit. However, this deposit bonus is not that generous as some other casinos suggest.

  • Roobet

Roobet is another provably fair platform for gamblers. All games and bets here are verifiable and secured, so you do not have to worry about your account when you start playing.

The two key deposit methods on this platform are bitcoin and ethereum. Unfortunately, it does not provide access to such countries as the USA, Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

Despite the fact that this service does not provide such bonuses as free spins, for example, it still has its own bonus system, which provides daily bonuses to the users.

  • Buran Casino

Buran is a rather debatable platform since it is not completely clear whether they actually accept crypto payments or not. And yet, many sources claim that if you create an account here, you will be able to use bitcoin.

For the newcomers, this platform suggests a deposit bonus equal to 200 free spins. Besides, you can get up to 500 Euros as a deposit bonus.

This service states that they are a provably fair platform, and they are ready to prove it by TST — Technical Systems Testing.

Some countries do not have access to it, and, unfortunately, the USA is one of them.

  • KatsuBet Casino

This platform contains an extended range of games: more than 5000 options are available here. You can use either Bitcoin or other payment ways, such as ethereum or bitcoin.

Of course, it also provides a deposit bonus — 100 free spins. Bu this concerns only the first deposit. The second one guarantees a 75% bonus, and the third one — 55% bonus.

Despite the fact that this platform is well-regulated, it still does not allow residents from some countries to become a part of their gambling world.

  • ZigZag 777

ZigZag 777 is indeed a convenient platform, especially for those who prefer playing and betting from a mobile device. It has an easy and attractive interface, highly valued by its users. Besides, this service has a speedy registration procedure, which usually takes no longer than 20 seconds.

The deposit bonuses are also present here: the usual gambling deposit bonus — 100% maxing out at 200 euros. You can also get bonuses for sports betting — check their website to view more details.

The US residents do not have access to this platform, but those who do can use both fiat currencies as a method of payment here and bitcoin as well. But be ready — this service is not a provably fair one.

  • PlayAmo

PlayAmo is the bitcoin-specific provably fair platform. At least, that is what it claims to be. Speaking of the bitcoin-specifics, this concerns not all the games available here but many of them.

The cryptocurrencies accepted by this service vary bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ether, and some others. If you want to get deposit bonuses, you have to be careful: a deposit bonus is a thing not available for those who choose cryptocurrency, not traditional currency.

The USA residents, unfortunately, cannot play on this platform.

  • Konung Casino

This casino has a relatively fresh and unusual Viking-related interface. People from the USA, as well as from such countries as Spain, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Romania, and Israel, do not have opportunities to play here for real money.

As for the bonuses, this platform provides several: for your first deposit, you get fifty free spins and up to 300 euros. The second deposit bonus concerns 30 free spins, whereas the third deposit bonus is equal to 35 free spins.

On the platform, you can face a broad variety of games offered: from slots to live ones.

  • Superior Casino

Do you know what bitcoin casino no deposit bonuses are? If not, let us explain it to you. Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus is a kind of bonus received without making a deposit. To receive these bonuses, you do not have to make deposits. Put it simpler.

Superior Casino is this type of casino that provides such bonuses to the users. You can get a bonus equal to 20 dollars just “for nothing,” and after that, get additional 50 dollars for inviting friends.

But these are not the only bonuses available on this platform. If you do make a deposit, you can get a 100% bonus. Besides, there is a range of redeposit bonuses available as well.

In this casino, you can use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This platform does not allow users from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and a couple of other countries to play these game sessions.

  • Loki Casino

100 free spins are the bonus that you get if you choose to play on the Loki Casino platform. Free spins are a popular choice of bonuses for such services, and this service is not an exception.

Loki Casino is a licensed and regulated platform which you definitely can trust. But this is not a matter of concern of residents of such countries as the USA, the UK, Australia, Spain, and some other territories, since they are, unfortunately, deprived of the opportunity to play on this site.

But if you understand that your country is not on that list, you can use such currencies as bitcoin, and rubles, dollars, euros, and some others.

Now you are acquainted with the extended version of the lost with the best bitcoin casinos available on the Internet. Check their characteristics: deposit bonuses, free spins, and some other issues we discussed above to make sure you get what you want.


Online bitcoin casinos might be rather different in their nature. Some of them provide rather generous welcome bonuses for the first and some next deposits, including valuable among users free spins.

Some platforms are more reliable than others, and we strongly recommend checking whether the service you are planning to use is provably fair or not. Some casinos are licensed and well-regulated. They are usually more trustable than those who do not have a corresponding license. This is the point we advise you to check before playing as well.

But before diving into this casino world headfirst, please, remember that gambling games might be rather dangerous. The loss of control in such cases might lead to unpleasant consequences. Do not let this innocent entertainment become your addiction.

Experienced gamblers can identify trustable and reliable casinos almost at first glance. However, even they should be careful choosing the casino they will be spending some time at.


What is the best Bitcoin casino?

There exist so many profitable Bitcoin casinos, and the numbers and quality of functions and options they provide are pretty much the same. However, there are the best ones. In our review, we have provided you with the list of the most reliable Bitcoin casinos so that you could try many and pick the one you prefer the best.

What casinos accept bitcoins?

Lately, a lot of online casinos have turned to accept bitcoins as means of payment. Also, you can withdraw your money in the form of cash or BTC, gambling with these casinos. Have a closer look at our review, in which we have listed out the most profitable casinos that accept Bitcoins.

Are bitcoin casinos legit?

The answer to the question is rather controversial. While there are no strict regulations concerning the use of BTC, most gambling platforms accepting BTC and other crypto are neither illegal nor legal.

Can you gamble with Bitcoin?

Sure you can! And with certain advantages, too! Gambling with Bitcoin—unlike with most already-old-fashioned means of payment— protects your privacy, lets you make swift transactions, doesn’t require fees and taxes, and the security of such operations is top-level.

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