Antminer D3 Review 

 July 18, 2021

By  Brian Forester

If you are looking for a machine for your mining equipment collection that is based on X11 and may help you with mining Dash (that used to be XCoin and Darkcoin then) coins, you might face plenty of options on the mining hardware market and have no idea what X11 machine to choose. We have developed this Antminer D3 review so you can get a complete picture of Antminer D3 released by Bitmain, its features, and abilities.

With the growing popularity of Dash among other cryptocurrencies, Antminer D3 has also become rather famous among miners. There are other machines to compare and Antminer D3`s pros and cons. We will talk about the mining of Dash, in general, and Antminer D3`s characteristics. Our experts have made a great and informative report on this X11 machine. See our Antminer D3 review below to decide if you should get one or not. Bear in mind that our experiment machine’s hash rate was 19,3 GH/s.

We have mentioned the hash rate and specified what machine we have tested because there are various Bitmain`s Antminer D3 models on the mining hardware market, and their hash rate is different. The equipment also varies by the power consumption, so you have to ensure that you will use the model that suits all your needs and goals.

You have to ensure that Dash mining can bring you some earnings and profits before buying Antminer D3 or any other mining hardware machines. Use a special calculator to count the total cost and efficiency and predict opportunities before launching the process. Ready? Now, let’s begin our Antminer D3 review.

What Is Dash?

You might have met these coins before but with different names, as we have already said before. The main aim of this currency is to be more anonymous than the famous and widely known Bitcoin that has been on the crypto market for almost a dozen years now. Dash had its problems and scandals, but today everything is improving, and many people consider it a smart investment. The demand is rather high, and the trend seems to stay the same for the near future.

Dash`s creator Evan Duffield entered the market in 2014. From the start, these coins were supposed to have resistance to ASIC. However, through time, ASIC specialists developed a way of mining Dash with the help of the X11 algorithm. You just need hardware that has a bit more power. And, as you know, additional power consumption may lead to getting bigger profits and earnings from mining processes.

Antminer D3 Review

All users must consider and admit that there is nothing better than Antminer D3 to provide X11 ASIC mining of Dash right now. Here, in this Antminer D3 Review, when we say better, we mean efficiency.

Antminer D3`s release happened in 2017. Immediately all the models were purchased by happy users. The machine suggested various pros that no miner could find in any other equipment those days. The price for it is fair, which attracts every miner: from the beginner to the one who has major experience.

ASIC Dash miner is not the only development of Bitmain. It has also presented ASIC miners for other cryptocurrency coins: for Litecoin and, of course, for Bitcoin cryptocurrency. However, before Bitmain, there was another company that has made major steps in the technology. Although there are other options a miner can select, Antminer D3 is considered a machine that may reduce your electricity cost and power consumption and save your power supply.

Performance and Capabilities of Antminer D3

We have warned you that our review is about the machine with a certain hash rate (19,3 GH/s). Its rate of efficiency is 0,07 J/MH. The power used in these circumstances is less than 1400W, which is quite impressive, especially if we compare Antminer D3 to its direct competitors. With such low power consumption, it is no surprise that Antminer D3 is that popular today among miners and has become almost every miner`s dream.

If you are wondering what products can be considered rivals of Antminer D3, check DM11G from iBeLink or Baikal Giant-A900 X11 ASIC. One of them might be pricy and cost twice as much as Antminer D3, and another leads an average miner to a lower electricity cost and power consumption. The D3`s price is rather fair today if you have ever thought of buying one.


Before you finalize your decision to buy Antminer D3, it is useful to understand the machine’s size and how much it weighs.

The net weight of Antminer D3 is around five and a half kilos. The manufacturer also advises every minor to purchase APW3 PSU that is three kilos additionally. The size is rather small, 32x13x19 cm, especially if you take other companies` equipment and analyze their parameters and weight.

Some of the competitors have a weight of over 15 or even 20 kilos, for example, which is not a great feature for any miner. Cryptocurrencies mining can literally be “heavy” when using such a setup. So, the Antminer D3`s “flexibility” also may increase its popularity, especially if you make a comparison with other X11 ASIC systems made for Dash mining.

What You Can Earn

We have already warned you that with Dash, you have to check the calculator in advance. You can find one easily on the internet, enter your equipment’s parameters, and understand whether Dash X11 mining is worth it. Almost anyone can try to be a Dash miner, but not everyone will get revenues from this activity. You will need to consider such items as hash rate, exchange rate between fiat currencies (usually dollars) and cryptocurrencies (Dash), electricity cost, and other parameters.

When you fill out the calculator fields, you will get the result that predicts your possible opportunities. You should always keep in mind that the prediction can change because cryptocurrencies and dollars fluctuate, and power supply costs can also increase through time. So, even if your equipment has the best GH/s, hash rate, and power for mining various cryptocurrencies, it cannot save you from inflation and other economic tendencies. However, the calculator may help you decide if you need Antminer D3 or any other similar machine.

Where to Purchase Your D3

Let’s suppose that you have analyzed all pros and cons and decided to get your own Antminer D3. So, where can you buy D3? The answer is easy: because the machine’s release happened some time ago, there are many opportunities to buy it in any condition you like: brand new or not.

You can try looking for D3 online but remember that there is a bunch of fraudulent “shops” and sellers who do not care about miners at all and permanently look for easy money. The price should be reasonable; if you see that the price is too low, do not rush to buy a D3 machine from Bitmain. The best and most effective way to find a selling company or an individual is by checking other miners` reviews and comments online.

Summing Up

Since its release, the Antminer D3 had its highs and lows, but now many miners consider it a brilliant piece of X11 mining hardware. It lessens the mining difficulty and allows almost any miner to generate some profit. The efficiency is great, and you can improve your cryptocurrency mining experience without any problem.

The price is fair, too, and there are fans who consider D3 the best of the best nowadays. It does not matter if you are a fresh miner or a miner who can boast experience. This machine will highly likely satisfy your needs and goals. Overall, the decision is yours, but we hope that our review was useful for you.


Where can I buy Antminer D3?

You may buy it online: either a brand new machine or the one that was used by another X11 mining user. Just be aware of people who cheat and place fraudulent offerings in the cryptocurrency field.

What is the most excellent mining hardware machine today?

Every cryptocurrency miner has its own parameters and desires. So, we will not take such a responsibility to tell you what machine is the most perfect for you. What can be good for one user can be awful for another. We recommend you to read reviews and other users` comments to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the models available today.

Brian Forester

Brian is an experienced journalist and crypto enthusiast. Founder of CryptoCurry - famed for his insightful input on the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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