Amazing Benefits Of Investing In Cryptocurrencies 

 October 14, 2017

By  Brian Forester

The world of currency or money is changing. The dawn of digital technology brought a new way of accepting payment without the need of transacting with real money nor the need to negotiate with the bank.

The future of banking was made possible because of cryptocurrency. Just recently Bitcoin the leading cryptocurrency in the market maintained its dominance as it is nearing its six-thousand dollar price.

With all these exciting news, one question remains – Why should we invest in cryptocurrency?

A valid question that most newbies in the crypto-world keep on asking. This article will provide great insights on why investing in cryptocurrency is the best way to go.

Cryptocurrency is the future

There are hundreds of benefits to cryptocurrency and summarizing into one page is difficult. Any reasons you have not to invest will be quickly debunked by our team and we challenge you to do so.

Cryptocurrency could very well the next universal world currency, something people have theorized about for years.  I personally recommend reading this article written by John Kelleher of Investopedia if you too have thoughts along these lines. He provides a mathematical prediction of Bitcoins future market price giving you some idea of the ROI you will receive should a crypto gain mass adoption.

Over the past few years the cryptocurrency market has been booming and this is because people are starting to see its potential. This is because it has many advantages over the systems the companies behind them seek to replace. A few of the potential benefits are listed below and if you talk to our team individual advantages of currencies will be explained.

Here is the link of a video of a comments from notable investors, such as; venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya (Former Executive at AOL and Facebook), Bill Gates and Richard Branson.

Profit potential

Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile which is what makes it such a profitable investment but also why you should seek professional help. The return on investment for crypto is unparalleled for percentage gains, there are year price charts for some of our favorites on the screen. But placing your money in the wrong coins at the wrong time will see you making equally large losses.

Cryptocurrency is impossible to counterfeit

All transactions are recorded by the network of computers. No one can change the transactions on that history on other people’s computers; they can only change it locally if they try, but the overall network consensus will not agree with their copy and it will be refused.

Why is counterfeiting such a problem

The US department of treasury estimate that there is an upper bound of $200 million worth of counterfeit notes in circulation. As more and more counterfeit notes come into circulation the value of your money decreases. The costs of this figure to the economy EVERY YEAR is increasing and is happening worldwide. The counterfeiters print more money every day and their equipment evolves rapidly making them harder to detect.

Loss of wealth through inflation

Let me ask you a question: 10 years ago if you had 100 US dollars, would it be worth more today? The answer is no… With inflation, its buying power today would be just over $89. Had you bought $100 in Bitcoin in 2010, you would currently be worth over $5,000,000. This price increase is only just the beginning, the Bitcoin limit of 21 million has not even been reached. As the maximum supply is reached the rate at which Bitcoins are produced will slow until it reaches 0. When this hard cap is reached there will be no more Bitcoins created leaving the price of Bitcoin to shoot up even faster than it has previously.


Throughout history many conventional currencies have been overprinted by their supplier turning them into worthless pieces of paper. This can never be case with cryptocurrencies, they follow strict mathematical rules set up at their creation. There are set algorithms for minting new coins and everyone can see at any time how many are in circulation and how many are minted.

Venezuelan Crisis

In Venezuela this year inflation for July alone was 26%. The people of Venezuela are using Bitcoin rather than the worthless banknotes their government prints. Bitcoin is being used to buy food on the streets because the government crisis has shopkeepers weighing baskets of money for groceries.  If you have not heard of what is going on in Venezuela we advise a short google search to see how the economic crisis is causing a murder epidemic.

Help others by helping yourself

By buying up Bitcoin to decrease its supply you increase the value of Bitcoin making these people better off as well as yourself.  This is one of the first ever ways to help those in dire situations and profit at the same time.

The world is full of corrupt governments and the same will continue to happen in more countries throughout your lifetime. These countries are going to move to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the increased usage of Bitcoin as currency will further inflate its price.

Online drugs trade

Most people associate Bitcoin with the dark web and illegal marketplaces. Here at Cryto Reserve are not trying to keep you in the dark or condone the activity. Instead we are here to explain why these markets benefit your investment. Consider that like everything else, the drugs trade is moving online…

In the last comprehensive estimates undertaken, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime estimated that the total retail value of the global illicit drug trade was $320 billion for the year 2003. This figure is almost 15 years old, the drugs trade has grown considerably since then too.  The drugs trade is a huge market that is moving to Bitcoin. It’s increasing size will only benefit Bitcoin by increasing market demand. Also all Bitcoins seized will be taken from circulation and not replaced further boosting the price.

Via Cryptoreserve

Brian Forester

Brian is an experienced journalist and crypto enthusiast. Founder of CryptoCurry - famed for his insightful input on the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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