Anonymous Platform Whaleclub Recognizes Dash As Base For Commodities Trading

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Commodities Trading

Whaleclub is a trading platform based in Hong Kong that allows anyone to trade the financial markets by using digital currency. By blending sophisticated engineering with an elegant experience, the company aims to empower thousands of traders to access worldwide markets by using digital currency only – completely outside the traditional financial system.

The anonymous trading platform Whaleclub has added Dash as one of its base currencies, providing yet another high-profile partnership for the asset.

Privacy-focussed Dash, which saw huge sustained price gains this year before its fortunes tailed off, is now set to become a basis for trading a wealth of traditional commodities.

Dash’s vice president of business development Daniel Diaz commented on the deal:

“Not only will this allow current Dash investors to trade traditional markets like, stocks, metals, forex and bonds, it may also attract new investors that want to trade traditional markets. It also may find regulatory hurdles and minimum trading requirements on those markets too big of a challenge to overcome.”

Hong Kong-based Whaleclub has likewise seen huge success since its debut in 2016. Over $1.5 bln worth of trades have occurred on its books, with around $10 mln changing hands every 24 hours.

Chief Product Officer at Whaleclub Ian Glindro said he foresees “strong demand” for Dash as the altcoin’s success story continues its broad upward trend.

“We were impressed with Dash’s payment network growth, innovation and DAO structure. We expect strong demand as the Dash ecosystem continues to grow globally and investors look for a capable and ambitious Bitcoin alternative,” he stated.

Over the past, month Dash has traded at over $100 and as low as $54 per coin. It is currently hovering at around $70, while at the beginning of the year cost just $11.

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