Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire Shares Blessings To A Marvel Fan

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Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire

Erik Finman, the world’s youngest bitcoin millionaire, 3.3 million to be exact, made a very generous gesture to certain Marvel fan.

This young millionaire’s inspiring story came out in June of 2017 where, at a young age, invested $1000, the inheritance money that his grandmother gave him when we was still 12, on bitcoin a few years ago  when it was valued at $12, and a classic rags-to-riches crypto theme came into being following the consistent rise of the bitcoin over half a year.

He shared that bitcoin wasn’t too hard to get into at that time, that is if you knew it existed and how it works. There were things called bitcoin faucets, which gave out free bitcoin to anyone who was interested. Finman’s interests lead him to a whole new ball game.

His $1,000, as a result of working hard, gave him 100 bitcoins. Erik even pronounced that It was like playing a video game where you’re aiming to get more and more points.

At 15, he started an online business, after selling around $100,000 worth of bitcoin, and connected far-out thinking students like himself with online mentors around the world where he accepted bitcoins as payment and paved the way for his collection to grow.

If you are a 19-year-old with $3.3 million in the bank, what would you do? For Erik Finman, the answer is understandably easy: you build an operational mechanical suit.

Erik, through the years, has cultivated a more evolved sensibility that has led him to reach out to a particular kid in need. Thus, the robotic suit came into being.

The inspirational gesture is for a 10-year-old kid, one of Erik’s mentors’ son, named Aristou Meehan, who was suffering from hypermobility problems.

Meehan is a huge Spiderman fan that gave Finman an idea of coming up with an exosuit from one of the arch villains of Marvel, Doc. Ock.

The four-armed contraption that Dr. Octopus used in his criminal scheme is actually built as a wearable highly advanced mechanical prosthesis for young Meehan to augment his restricted abilities.

Finman, by investing some of his bitcoin money, got together a  team of engineers to make this happen for a physically challenged youngster.

Much to young Meehan’s delight, this brought much recognition when he debuted Doc Ock’s arms at Comic-Con, which in turn made him fabulously popular at school.

Stories like this just realize the countless opportunities that can be spun from cryptocurrency.

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