Trade Association Joined Forces Against FCC to Restore Net Neutrality

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Restore Net Neutrality

The repeal of net neutrality started on Monday. FCC is now harvesting the fruits of consequences because of its decision. It only encourages more supporters to restore net neutrality.

INCOMPAS is a trade organization that represents America’s smaller telecom companies. It includes ISPs like Sonic and Fatbeam. They merged in the approaching lawsuit filed against the agency. The effort is to hinder the repeal from taking place and restore net neutrality at the same time.

Even if the repeal took place on Monday, the group has without a minute to spare. The case should have been heard in the Ninth Circuit. However, it is moved to the DC Circuit in accordance with the motion granted last month. It is where two former petitions concerning net neutrality were heard already.

INCOMPAS aims to restore net neutrality and presented a documented a 95-page statement.  It described the dilemma for net neutrality and debates that contradict the FCC ‘s alibis to depose it.

INCOMPAS CEO Chip Pickering said, “The American people do not want the internet to look more like cable, where prices rise, customer service falls, and gatekeepers control what you watch, read, and pay.”

He used the filing also to scrutinize the  AT&T-Time Warner merger. However, the FCC denied the request to encompass in the net neutrality disclosure findings from the deal probe. This is about ISPs’ influence to conduct in such a way that will compromise the open internet.

To restore net neutrality means to take back your freedom. Decenternet could help internet users get back their liberty. It is a platform that utilizes a system to protect the users and their personal information.

Decenternet provides users unrestricted access to several websites. This allows consumers to interconnect online without any prejudice or apprehension. There are no fast or slow lanes and no blocking or throttling of contents.

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