Third US State To Oppose Net Neutrality Withdrawal

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Net Neutrality

Following the news where Washington and Oregon passed a bill to neutralize net neutrality rule repeal in its state, Connecticut is taking into consideration if it is necessary to do the same.

Majority Leader of the Democratic Senate Bob Duff revealed last week a prospective regulation that will prevent ISPs in Connecticut from repressing consumer internet speeds, obstructing certain websites, or imposing additional fees in return for privileged internet traffic.

Importance of Net Neutrality to Connecticut

The previous counselor to the departed FCC chair, Gigi Sohn lauded Connecticut legislators for assisting in filling the vast hole that the communication agency has left adhering to net neutrality rules repeal initially enacted in December 2015.

According to Sohn, once the federal government neglects to protect consumers, the state should take over and what Senator Duff’s projected law exactly did what has to be done. She added that Connecticut legislation which is based on other state recommendations would guarantee consumers and not ISPs conclude the winner and the loser on the internet.

Duff defends that net neutrality is favorable for Connecticut and claimed he has been receiving several encouraging feedback from the public. He said that net neutrality is a Democratic and Republican issue and is evidently bipartisan. It affects people of all ages and those who are in or out of the workplace.

Supporters of net neutrality will have the advantage to win in court. Former Verizon lawyer and now FCC Chair, Ajit Pai disregarded the view of tech companies. He rather based his regulation absolutely on telecom industry-funded cynical research. His agency has been caught as well taking no notice of important fraudulent issues. This is in regards to the agency’s public commentary procedure where 98% of the exclusive comments introduced are opposed to his agenda.

Key players in the telecom industry have been cited controlling the user’s connections once they favored a competitor gaming service, hindered pro-choice text messages. There are also instances that they bar Facetime and tethering.

This is not the kind of internet and service that we all wish to have. We need an internet that would enable and protect free speech. Also, an internet that will perpetuate our right to communicate online without restraint.

It means that ISPs should not block or delay any contents or applications from other networks that could override theirs. Without net neutrality rules, no one and nothing will prevent the abuse that ISPs could impose on consumers.

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