Tech Giants Rejoice On EU’s New Copyright Law Result

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New Copyright Law

Tech Giants escape billions of future copyright payouts after EU’s new copyright law result.

Tech Giants such as Facebook, Google, and many more, has been said to have escaped billions in copyright payouts and future licensing fees, after the EU Parliament voted against a controversial copyrights law, that supporters claim can help media content creators get paid more, and that critics claim to be a threat to freedom of information.

There are basically two sides of the coin in this debate, one party wishes to push for the controversial law to be passed, saying, media content creators are losing much money by not being paid licensing fees by these tech giants when its users post unlicensed content on their platform/website.

The other side of the fence claims that by pushing this law especially two of its most disputable elements, article 11 which is said to be a “link tax”, which forces news aggregation and search engines such as Google to pay publishers for showing even just news snippets or links to the actual news stories, note that snippets are just short description which includes a link to the actual source so that when people click on it, they will be redirected to the actual source, that to me sets a dangerous precedent, wherein these news/media publishers will have all control over what is posted on the internet.

Article 13 of the controversial law would also put platforms such as YouTube (a subsidiary of Google) to seek direct licenses for any Video content such as Music Videos, which artists says would allow them to negotiable better royalty payments from YouTube. Note that YouTube is already doing this, but what this provision of this new law entails is a precedent that would allow artists to ask for royalties even for home or personal Videos that may have used a short audio clip of their music. That actually sounds a bit fair, but having to create an algorithm to catch all videos of those kind would take a toll on these platforms, at least at the moment, which in turn would ultimately put smaller platforms that’s like YouTube down.

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