Swiss University Starts Accepting This Crypto For Tuition Payments

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From arts to financial investments to real estate, and now to the educational sector— Bitcoin is indeed defying the criticisms that its antis are throwing at it.

Recently, Switzerland has shown its positive reaction towards Bitcoin as Swiss banks and the local government had shown support towards this leading cryptocurrency, and now a university from Switzerland will start accepting Bitcoin as payment for tuitions.

Bitcoin as a Payment

Bitcoin has already been considered as payment in some countries like Dubai, Japan, South Korea, and more. Another country joining the bandwagon is Switzerland.

The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland officially publicized the university admin’s decision to accept Bitcoin payments finally.

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts is one of seven regional, public-funded universities of applied sciences in Switzerland. The university has more or less 4,000 students enrolled as of 2017. The administrative staff of the university believes that Bitcoin is one of the most innovative parts of technology today.

The university’s representative said that Bitcoin is capable of disseminating knowledge on advanced technologies like Blockchain.

The university’s educational structure strongly focuses on financing and economics, and liberal subjects such as music. That explains why the university has shown interest in Bitcoin, and digital currencies in general.

The university reveals that all this has become possible with the help of Bitcoin Suisse AG.

Bitcoin Suisse AG is a regulated crypto financial broker, asset manager, and service provider based in Zug, Switzerland.  It is the first public entity globally to accept bitcoin payments for public services. The main service areas of the company include brokerage, asset management, trading, financial services, mining, and payment gateway services. The company was built in 2013, headed by CEO and co-founder Niklas Nikolajsen.

Yes, Bitcoin Suisse AG will serve as the third payment system. The university reveals that Bitcoin Suisse AG will bear the risk of any exchange rate losses and currency fluctuations. By using Bitcoin, the additional fees will be substantially lighter now for the students.

How will the students respond to this? That is something that we should look forward in the future! 

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